Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Stash #248 ~ This and That

I've spent the last day adamantly complaining that I have no Sunday Stash. Can you imagine?! And yes, there was much eyebrow raising from my family who are surrounded by my stash. So I dug deep and came up with some prints that I have selected from new fabric ranges and added to stash in the last few weeks.

Newsprint in Not Pink, Coral and Spackle ~ Paint by Carrie Bloomston
Newsprint - Paint by Carrie Bloomston
First up is Newsprint from the Paint collection by Carrie Bloomston (in 3 colorways - Not Pink, Coral and Spackle). My love for text fabric - in particular newsprint - continues. This design is a reprint from Carrie's first collection (Collage) which I have used as background fabric for my Liberty Checkerboard Quiltand I know many of my readers were keen on sourcing this print, (but is now hard to find).

Newsprint in Spackle - Collage and Paint Collection (a comparison)
Newsprint:  Collage on the LEFT and Paint on the RIGHT.
Click on image for larger view.
Whilst the design is the same the color of the Spackle colorway is slightly different: the new Newsprint fabric from the Paint collection is closer to a black/white print whilst the previous fabric was warmer, tinged with yellow and ever so slightly mottled. Both are great background fabrics and I've stashed yardage. Just in case. 

Paint by Carrie Bloomston is in stores now and available from:
Pink Castle Fabrics
The Fat Quarter Shop
The Quilted Castle
Stash Fabrics

Retro Floral Daisies - Yuwa
Yuwa - Retro Floral Daisies
(quilting weight cotton)
Classic Dot - Yuwa
Yuwa - Classic Polka Dot
These two fat quarter bundles, both by Yuwa, also arrived at my home in the last few weeks. The retro floral bundle (top image) is a quilting cotton weight (and has already been cut into) whilst the dot bundle is a lighter weight fabric; the thread count is higher and finer, but still suitable for quilting projects. Both these bundles are available from Westwood Acres as half yard or fat quarter bundles.

Enjoy Sunday!

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  1. This is the first I e seen of those retro floral Daisies and I'm in love! Did you cut into them to mix them with other fabrics?

  2. So happy to see a photo of the Collage newsprint and the Paint newsprint side by side! I've been wondering if they were different! I loved the Collage newsprint, looks like I might need Paint too!

  3. I share your love of newspaper it!

  4. Whenever I see newsprint, writing etc fabric I just buy 2m and throw it in the stash love it for appliqué backgrounds

  5. Rita - you can't possibly miss showing us your Sunday Stash! What the heck would I do with my first cup of the morning on Sunday?? I think the world would fall apart! LOL!

    Love the coloured newsprint fabrics. I will be looking for them in an upcoming quilted beauty. Have a great day.

  6. Reminds me when I was a kid those dots and daisies!


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