Friday, March 28, 2014

A Great Granny Square Quilt

A finished quilt.
Great Granny Square Quilt - all the details
Great Granny Square Quilt 
This quilt was so much fun to make!  The Granny Square blocks came together really well considering I had chosen to work with 1.5 inch squares - fiddly but definitely workable - and the fabric play was oh so satisfying. 

patchwork granny square block
patchwork block - granny square quilt

Once the the nine Granny Square blocks were finished I had set my mind to making a large pillow cover. However, my eye caught the leftover pieces of Melange Yarn Dyed fabric from a previous project, and I couldn't resist the winning combination of these traditional blocks with a linen look wide border. 

Then the quilting began ... I quilted the patchwork blocks by first stitching edge to edge lines (running through the center of each block) both horizontally and vertically, and then I ditch stitched around the center panel and individual blocks, stopping and starting as required, and burying all thread ends into the batting by hand.

quilting detail for the Great Granny Square patchwork blocks

For the back of the quilt I have used a single fabric from the Briar Rose collection by Heather Ross. This Stawberry print is darling and a perfect match for this quilt (and a great quality fabric to boot).

Briar Rose by Heather Ross - Strawberries quilt back fabric
Briar Rose by Heather Ross - Strawberries - Quilt back fabric

Once quilted I rounded the corners of the quilt. I used a dinner plate to mark the curves on the quilt with a permanent marker (not so smart - note to self, use a fabric pen instead), then followed the marked lines with my rotary cutter.  

Quilt with rounded curved corners - and bias quilt binding machine stitched

Rounded quilt edges means that there are no corners to mitre. Bonus! But it does mean having to make bias binding - made from fabric strips cut across the diagonal of a square of fabric - which gives the fabric sufficient ease to hug the curves. It's so much easier than it looks or sounds. 

Granny Square quilt - linen border, rounded corners, bias binding

This quilt is for sale and it listed in my Etsy Store.

The listing details are here: Granny Square Quilt

Granny Square quilt - linen border and rounded corners

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  1. Wonderful quilt, love those granny squares! And the grey border is great for this quilt, as are those round corners!

  2. Love the look of the large border, and the rounded edges. Cute quilt!

  3. Beautiful quilt as always! Do you happen to remember the name of the blueberry fabric? I would love to own some.

  4. You have such an amazing eye for design, color...and your execution is amazing! 1-1/2" squares? YIKES! Well done :)

  5. The quilt is so beautiful and I love the linen border with curved edges! I made one granny square quilt, but blocks not as large, fewer pieces to the square. I love the larger size of yours. I'm ready to do this! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very pretty! I've been eyeing the Granny Square blocks a lot lately. I love the look of them. Have a super day!

  7. Beautiful quilt! I love the linen border, it sets those granny squares off!

  8. Love your quilt, very pretty! (Gosh, you certainly finish lots of quilts quite do you manage it?!?!) Linda

  9. love the rounded edges of the quilt - very pretty

  10. as always stunning... love it!

  11. I love your fabric choices, especially the binding! If you are machine quilting how are you hiding the thread ends? Sorry I'm a beginner. Just leave threads long when start stitching, knot, and pull through?

  12. I really like the rounded corners.

  13. such tiny squares lovely quilt

  14. I LOVE this quilt!!! I have the Great Granny Squared book, and my hubby has been busy cutting my scraps into squares, so now I am even more anxious to try this block!

  15. I get so excited when I see a listing for a post from you. I love your eye for fabric combinations and color. Your quilts just POP!

  16. Beautiful! I love the colors.

  17. Yes, there is something about a simple wide border and what is great about that size is the versatility....hang it...use it for a kid....table topper...hide a messy sewing machine!:)

  18. Your quilt is charming! I like to look in to you here, because a lot of learning. Thank you!

  19. Rita this is beautiful. I went to check on the Etsy listing to see the size and it was already sold! Your amazing Thanks for sharing Cynthia

  20. This is so beautiful. I love the colours, the backing, the setting, and the fact that you did curved corners!

  21. As always your quilts are amazing!!!
    im so inspired by it!

  22. Beautiful quilt. When you say 'burying all thread ends into the batting by hand', how does that work when you have already the backing fabric on the other side? Sorry am just at the beginning of the quilting journey and always interested to learn new things. Thanks x

    1. When quilting bring your bobbin thread to the top before you start sewing and at the send of your stitching line. Then with a hand needle bury through the quilt top and into the batting ~ just don't take the threads all the way through to the back of the quilt. This way your stitches are secure and won't come undone.

  23. It amazes me to realize how small those squares must be! Just incredible piecing!

  24. It's beautiful and I love the quilting! Haven't quilting mine yet. ;p


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