Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Patchwork Please!

I am a huge fan and regular reader of Ayumi's blog - Pink Penguin - as well as a stalker of Ayumi's Etsy Store, so when Ayumi's book hit the stores I was on to it.  It arrived in my mail box late last week and I can tell you that the projects in the book reflect Ayumi's fun and playful style.  Ayumi has a unique eye for color and her quirky vintage patchwork style is one that I rather adore.
Patchwork, Please! includes a chapter on Tools and Materials but importantly also a section on Techniques (including comprehensive Paper Piecing instructions).  The projects in the book are divided into categories: for the kitchen, for kids, for the home, going places, and for crafting. It is in the for crafting section that you will find the Prettified Pincushion - also featured on the cover of the book - which I just had to make.  Or three ...

The instructions were clear and accurate - and although I wasn't confident that I could assemble the sides as neatly as pictured in the book, by simply following the step by step instructions I was able to complete the project successfully and eagerly made two more pincushions.  
Congratulations, Ayumi on a really great publication! There are many more projects in the book that I have bookmarked for making including the Swedish Bloom Quilt as well as a new set of potholders for my kitchen.


Also finished this week is a custom order; a re-make of the Liberty Patchwork Pillow Cover made earlier this month, and already on it's ways across the ocean.
This time around I have used a special hand screen printed fabric by Umbrella Prints - Perfect Circles Printed in Lily White on Natural Organic mid-weight cotton for the back of the pillow cover.

Patchwork Please! by Ayumi Takahashi
The Pink Penguin - Ayumi's blog
Linen Fabric used for Pincushions : : Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Flax
Liberty Patchwork Pillow (April 5, 2013)

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  1. I love those pincushions! Ah...

  2. Those are lovely pincushions Rita! I'm excited to be included in the sew-along for Ayumi's book. Can't wait to dive into making many of her adorable creations!

  3. Have that book on my Wishlist on Amazon - might just move it into my cart now :)

  4. Hi There, What lovely little pincushions!!!! Can't wait to get my book!!!!

  5. Darling pincushions! What fun!

  6. Wow! love those pin cushions :) I agree, the book is so much. I hope I can sew along too.

  7. Lovely take on Ayumi's pincushion, Rita! Your fabric choices are whimsical like Ayumi's, and I appreciate that you mentioned your concern about being able to "pull off" the sides. I've had the same worry myself. Gorgeous work (as always)!

  8. Gorgeous pillow, I think my liberty stash is about ready to get broken into :) thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Love those little pincushions.... Did you think about making a full-size pillow, Rita?

  10. I've ordered my copy of the book in anticipation of the forthcoming Zakka 2.0 sewalong :o)

  11. Ayumi has just the knack of balancing cuteness with crispness! I am joining in for some of the Zakka 2.0 SAL.

  12. Love your pin cushions - I have loved this book!!!

  13. Your review had me online purchasing the book within minutes. I'm looking forward to receiving it in the mail in a few weeks.

  14. I've got the book and just love every project in it ~ don't know which one to start!

  15. How cute are those pincushions? Very cute indeed. Will have to look at getting the book.

    Also - do you just make the cover and ship the pillow or is it filled with feather and down? Synthetic?

    Regarding making a similar pillow: Are they 1.5 inch by 3.5 inch long strips? 1.5 inch strips all sewn together and then cut in 3.5 inch widths? Placed opposite in rows and sewn together? Please advise. Thanks a bunch. Cheers. Lauren

  16. I'm loving those pincushions as well. Yours are pretty enough to showcase in her book. Beautiful job.

  17. I just got the book, too and love it! I can't tell where your pincushions end and the picture in the book begins :-) When are you going to write a book??

  18. I've been umming and ahhing about whether to grab up a copy of patchwork please and after seeing your pincushions I think I'm going to have jump in and buy one. :)

  19. Aww thank you so much Rita for blogging about the book so beautifully and sharing us your CUTE pincushions! They are seriously so cute I can't possibly choose a favorite!
    And the liberty pillow is to die for!! Just so pretty!


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