Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Stash #154 ~ Oh Deer! by MoMo

Oh Deer!
Oh Deer! by Momo for Moda

MoMo has created another wonderland of whimsy and modern Japanese style.  Very much reminiscent of the earlier ~ It's a Hoot ~ collection in color and bold design, this range features a rainbow of forestry, playful deer and fluttering birds.
I have  segregated the dots from this collection as on their own I think they're an excellent addition to any modern fabric stash.  Polka dots are so versatile and easy to use; these simple/graphic prints help "join the dots" - integrate - colors and designs across numerous collections. 

I am also rather taken by these tiny deer.  How darling are they?

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. Love the Summer's End bundle that you have there and those polka dots would, indeed, fit into just about any stash. The deer are cute. I'm thinking they'd be perfect for a summer dress for a little girl. I'll bet our 2 year old granddaughters would love that pink! Thanks, Rita,

  2. I too love those deer. Ha ve them in my cart along with those great dots! You have great Sunday stashes

  3. Rita,

    Thanks for sharing your Sunday Stash! I look forward to see all the wonderful fabric and adding to my stash! Have a great day!



  4. The bundle had to be in store when I'm on a strict fabric ban! Dang it! =D

  5. Beautiful fabrics!!

  6. Ah! Love those polka dots. The rest of the line is cute too, but I have something of an obsession with polka dots, much to my husband's horror. Hehe.


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