Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wagon Wheel Quilt - An English Paper Piecing Project - Part 2

An English Paper Piecing Project - work in progress

An update on my Wagon Wheel Quilt today, my slow sewing and English paper piecing (EPP) project that I am working on behind the scenes. It has been two months since my last Wagon Wheel Quilt update and during that eight week period I have worked fairly consistently on this project, usually in the evening and the early hours of the morning. I love EPP and once I sit down for the evening and get started I cannot seem to stop.

An English Paper Piecing project - quilt in progress
Work in Progress - English Paper Pieced Quilt
Work in Progress - English paper pieced quilt top

Once all the Wagon Wheel Blocks (72) and all of the joining units (64) were completed I spent some time working on the layout, then picked up each vertical row in order and placed the pieces in a numbered snap lock bag. There are 8 vertical rows of 9 Wagon Wheel Blocks with 8 joining units between the blocks.

Wagon Wheel Blocks and Joining Units
Wagon Wheel Blocks (left) - joining units (right)
I then worked on sewing each of the eight vertical rows together and then sewing those rows into pairs. And that's were things are up to right now:

Work in Progress - Wagon Wheel Quilt

Wagon Wheel Quilt - English Paper Pieced
Wagon Wheel Quilt consists of the following 3 shapes:
1.25" Hexagons
2" Equilateral Triangles
1.25" x 2" Rectangles
Notions/Tools Used:
Acrylic templates with a 3/8" seam allowance for cutting fabrics.
60wt Bottom Line thread.
Solid fabric is Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton in Snow.
Quilt top measures approximately 60 inches x 74 inches.

Work in Progress - English paper pieced quilt

I have already removed many of the paper pieces. The only remaining paper pieces are along the edges of the four pieces of the quilt top and that includes the outer edges of the quilt top. This certainly makes the handling of the long rows much easier and the task at hand more enjoyable.

Wagon Wheel Quilt | © Red Pepper Quilts

Three more long rows to go ... that's at least 6 evenings of hand sewing. Almost there!

Thank you for stopping by,

Quilt in Progress ~ English paper pieced quilt.
Work in progress - english paper piecing
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  1. What an amazing project and you do it with such precision! Thanks for sharing your journey on this quilt.

  2. This is beautiful. Your quilts are always in my favorite colors with white borders. Someday I want to grow up to be just like you.

  3. It's going to make a beautiful quilt. I love it so far!

  4. This is a feast for the eyes! My favorite is the bright yellow with the black glasses. 🤓

  5. This is a feast for the eyes! My favorite is the bright yellow with the black glasses. 🤓

  6. This is incredibly beautiful - an absolute treasure.
    I love the colors and "movement" The design is just delightful. I know what it is like in the evening, all snuggled on the couch working on this. The time flies, and all of a sudden you have to go to bed aaak
    Very pretty, Rita!!

  7. All of your quilts are amazing and this is a beauty,too. I always look forward to your blog posts. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for your inspiration as always! Just received my first Hexie templates and the journey begins :-) Love your use of color and the white to offset it all! Gorgeous!

  9. What an awesome quilt, love the colourful fabrics and the pattern. You must have amazing patience to attempt something of this scale.

  10. I seriously do not know how you have the time and patience for such intricate quilts. I'm paper piecing a quilt and it's maybe 20" or so, and that's with it being almost a year! Kudos to you and keep on inspiring us newbies!

  11. Wowie kazowie!! It's like an I SPY quilt with all your fun fussy cutting. Amazing job with your whip stitches! Mine aren't that pretty. Rock on!!

  12. wowza! love all those little fussy cuts;)

  13. Thank you for showing the process to us.

  14. LOVE this! I've just gone to order the papers from Imprezzio (as you suggested above), however they don't hold the 1.25" x 2" Rectangles. Can you advise where you got yours? Thanks

    1. Hi Jenny! The rectangle pieces were custom cut by Imprezzio - I was able to order the paper pieces via my local quilt store. If you need further help please email me redpepperquilts at gmail dot com

  15. It's fabulous. I love EPP, but it competes with my knitting and crocheting time, so my EPP projects go much more slowly than yours.

  16. Gorgeous quilt--pattern is amazing and so are all of your fabrics! Congrats on an amazing quilt! Love your weekly emails with fabric ideas too!

  17. This is very pretty, Rita. I will put this on my list of things to do if and when I fall and break my hip.... because right now, my life is running from one thing to another. It is stunning. Maybe I could try to piece a small one, for a table runner or something?? that could happen in my life :-D
    I just adore how this turned out. You are so inspiring, Rita.

  18. I think you must sleep 2.5 hours per night. This is incredible! Please keep this one!

  19. Love it! So much color, and the pattern is marvelous.

  20. What a gorgeous quilt!!!! You are amazing!

  21. Oh Rita- no words can describe this masterpiece! I love your work so much- from the fabrics you pick to the patterns and quilting! If you don't keep this one, it has to be worth a million dollars!!:)

  22. Again, love, love, love your quilts! I want your scraps! LOL. I have been studying this design and I see the vertical rows, but is there a 'spacer' row in between the wagon wheel rows? The way I see it is a vertical row, then a spacer row of a hexie and a rectangle, alternating. Am I all wet?


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