Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Strips and Bricks Quilt - Work in Progress

I was so undecided about what my next project was going to be that for almost three days I plotted, planned and truth be told, accomplished very little. Sometimes when you're trying too hard you allow self imposed pressure to "make something" to get in the way of working creatively. For a moment there I thought I may have lost my sewjo!

To break the spell I decided to work with a design that I love! This design is a repeat from a previous quilt (see RPQ Strips and Bricks Quilts) and is based on a pattern by Malka Dubrawsky originally featured in Sew Hip Magazine in 2009 (it has since been published as a pdf pattern available from Malka's Etsy Store). For all my quilts I have however made block size adjustments to cater for a specified finished quilt size.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the fabric play that is part of this project; balancing bold, large scale designs with smaller scale prints, and contrasting snippets of screen printed linen blend fabrics with delicate Liberty of London fabrics, all set against a low volume background (solid fabrics used are Robert Kaufman Kona Cottons including Snow, White, Bone, Natural, Bone, Ash and Silver)

Ready for basting, quilting (lots of quilting) and binding.

Strips and Bricks Quilt - The Finished Quilt
RPQ Strips and Bricks Quilts

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  1. you continually amaze me Rita.

  2. Love the unexpected mix of solids to add a touch of sophisticated whimsy.

  3. Glad you found your sewjo! It's going to be a beauty.

  4. Shoo, a relief, sewjo looks alive and well :)

  5. the red gingham - dark and light squares - is swell. it would make for a really fab quilt back.

  6. nice. It looks so neat and tidy, Rita.
    I am getting neater and tidier, :-D and you are a wonderful inspiration.
    Oh ya, I already told you that a million times
    Happy middle of the week to you

  7. Rita,
    I've seen you make several versions of this pattern and they're always wonderful!

  8. Amazing how each of the seams align!, Beautiful....Marie

  9. Oh this is a beauty!! I love bindings of squared elements :)

  10. LOVE your quilts, love this pattern.

  11. Lovely quilt top. I look forward to seeing the quilting.

  12. Beautiful-so perfect as always. You're my favorite source for inspiration!

  13. Beautiful-so perfect as always. You're my favorite source for inspiration!


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