Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Stash #297 Bloom and Bliss by Nadra Ridgeway

Bloom and Bliss by Nadra Ridgeway 
for Riley Blake Designs

Bloom and Bliss is Nadra Ridgeway's debut collection for Riley Blake Designs. This collection has been in stores a few weeks now and despite my best efforts - I don't know why I hesitated! - I could not resist purchasing this charming collection.

Bloom and Bliss by Nadra Ridgeway | Red Pepper Quilts
Bloom Tulip in Yellow, Blue, and Pink.
Nadra lives in a small village in Germany and her fabric collection and work, including handmade textiles for babies and children, is inspired by walks through the meadows surrounding her village, thrift store finds, and scenes from her travels.

Bloom and Bliss by Nadra Ridgeway for Riley Blake Designs | Red Pepper Quilts

The collections consists of 7 designs in three different color palettes: green, red and blue. I am really drawn to these small scale print and the clean and clear colors of the fabrics; most of these designs will work well as stash basics, and will mix relatively easily with other fabric collections.

Bloom and Bliss by Nadra Ridgeway | Red Pepper Quilts

BLOOM AND BLISS BY NADRA RIDGEWAY is now available from:
The Fat Quarter Shop
Fort Worth Fabric Studio
Pink Castle Fabrics

Bloom and Bliss by Nadra Ridgeway | Red Pepper Quilts
Enjoy Sunday!

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  1. All of those colors are gorgeous!!! I especially like the blue fabrics.

  2. These are gorgeous colours. They will be perfect in your quilts. :-) I think they are very you Rita and I agree think they would be perfect stash basics. ThNks for sharing. It's always nice to see the new collections on your blog.

  3. Absolutely love these! Oh, so many fabrics; so little money!!!

  4. Oh my gosh. I want I want.
    Okay, how can I justify this purchase? um, oh yes, this is the month both of my daughters were born. September the month I gave birth.
    Okay. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful fabric.

  5. Could we see your stash? You buy such lovely fabrics. Would love to see how you store your fabrics and where you work.


  7. Beautiful patterns! I love the bright colors and little flowers.

  8. All are luscious.Have fun playing with them!


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