Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Stash #250 - Japanese Fabrics and More

A bundle of Japanese fabric arrived this week from Miss Matatabi. Most of the fabrics in this bundle are either by popular Japanese textile designers Suzuko Koseki or Atsuko Matsuyama, all featuring text, and all are excellent quality quilting cottons with a lovely soft hand.
Flour Sack (left) and Newspaper (right) by Suzuko Koseki for Yuwa
Both these text fabrics - Flour Sack and Newsprint by Suzuko Koseki - are smaller scale reprints of previously released fabrics by Suzuko. The text on the Newsprint fabric is tiny and reading it does test my eyesight, but makes for a great background fabric.
Sew+Love+Give by Kinkame in Pink and White
30's Collection - Sweet Recipe by Atsuko Matsuyama for Yuwa
My love for text fabric continues (and several of these are also great for low volume projects).

Suzuko Koseki and Atsuko Matsuyuma fabrics available from:
Miss Matatabi (Etsy) - be sure to also check out the clearance section. 40% off everything in the clearance section. Whilst stocks last.

DS Fabrics (Denyse Schmidt) ~ Picadilly for Fabric Traditions
 Picadilly by DS Fabrics for Fabric Traditions
Also arriving this week is the new collection by DS Fabrics (Denyse Schmidt) ~ Picadilly in a blue/green color palette made available only from Spotlight Stores in Australia. Good news for Australian quilters and sewists, not so good for everyone else! The blues and greens are vibrant and the quality of the fabrics is good; I certainly wouldn't hesitate to use these fabrics in my quilts. How good is that green?

DS Fabrics (Denyse Schmidt) ~ Picadilly for Fabric Traditions
Enjoy Sunday!

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  1. I like that green as well, and thanks for enlightening me about what the "DS" is I have read about.

  2. I love this fabric, fell in love withit the first time I saw it!

  3. Thanks Rita for letting us Aussie quilters know about the DS fabric in Spotlight awesome news! Regards Maggie.

  4. that green is fantastic! i am so jealous!

  5. Love the Sew Love Give fabric :-D

  6. So jealous! I love that combination of blues and greens by DS! Have a super day!

  7. So cool! LOVE Japanese prints!

  8. Where can I buy these lovely text prints. I never see them in any of my local quilting shops

    1. update. I have ordered some of this fabric. Can't wait to see it.

  9. Rita, will you be selling the DS green and blue fabric in your shop? I would love to buy some from you.

  10. I find it so fascinating that Japanese fabrics are so often in English. We don't have "text textiles" in Japanese that we're working into our quilts. Or at least, I haven't seen any. I'd love to know what their interest is in our farm/barn/kitchen all American theme. So interesting.......

  11. I've never bought any Japanese prints but saw some mod the ones you highlighted in Miss Matabati's shop and ordered them a few days ago!!! Good to know I have good taste;). A few years ago I was able to get another Australian only color way of a DS quilts line. Now I'll have to figure out a way to get these! That polka dot is seriously way cooler than the red here in the US!

  12. I had the chance to buy Japanese fabric in Japan last week but came out of the shop with less than I hoped – but still more than I should have bought! There was too much choice, and I was both overwhelmed and conscious of a patient husband who was bored out of his mind. Miss Matatabi might be the way to go in future.

  13. Hi Rita. Thank you for discussing Suzuko Koseki on your blog! I just learned about her and her fabric lines last week, so it was a real treat to see your post. Do you happen to know if she has a blog, or is on Facebook or Instagram? I was unable to find her, and I was hoping to follow her to be up-to-speed on upcoming releases. Thanks! Enjoy your blog!


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