Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Stash #189 - Potluck by American Jane

Potluck by American Jane for Moda Fabrics

I love when designers bring back old favorites! Potluck by Sandy Klop brings back fond - fabric hoarding - memories.  I am so glad to see that the colors are vibrant as well as the return of some old, old favorites together with some new designs that I think will be a hit!

Potluck by American Jane - Tape Measures
(I am really excited to see these again!)
Potluck by American Jane - Multi Pez

Potluck - Checks and Dots

Each of the top four fabrics - pictured directly above - are printed with two different basic designs (checks and dots) in two different scales (small and medium) across the width of the fabric with each section divided by a tape measure print.  Four designs in a single fabric, although if you get just a fat quarter you'll miss out on some of the designs.

The following designs are two of my new (to me?) favorites:
Potluck - Daisies in Carrot, Cornbread, Sky and Sweetpea

Potluck - Chicks in Carrot, Sky, Cherry, Cream and Sweetpea

How cute are these little chicks?

According to the Moda website Potluck by American Jane isn't available in stores until October 2013. That does seem like a long time to wait ...  

I stumbled upon my FQ bundle of Potluck on Etsy, and I guess it was a Quilt Market Sample Spree de-stash.  Lucky me.

Enjoy Sunday!

Potluck by American Jane will be available from the following stores in October 2013:

(I'll continue to update this list as the release date approaches)


  1. Ooooohhhh, the daisies! Love! (Like the chicks a lot too!)

  2. These look nice and bright. Amazing you found some on etsy - well done!

  3. Now that looks great! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  4. What a cute collection! Love the color range. My favorites are the rulers!

  5. I love bright colours like this. Have to find something new this summer, as I've almost used up all my brightest fabrics the last month.

  6. Love these fabrics. Adding them to my wish list. Thanks Rita!!

  7. Thank you so so much for featuring this fabric! I have been so eager to see it--and it is just wonderful!

  8. Lovely!! Those chicks are too cute and I'm excited to see Multi Pez.

  9. The tape measures are fantastic.

  10. Oh my goodness! I'm going to have to get me some for my birthday (which is in October!)

  11. woo hoo - that multi pez looks like the fab original colours rather than the reprinted ones from last year (?) or was it the year before !

  12. Actually, I found these fabrics for sale at Fancy Tiger, a wonderful fabric and yarn shop in Denver, Colorado


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