Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Stash #185 Shades of Black

Shades of Black by Me & My Sister Designs for Moda Fabrics

It pains me a little to not post Sunday Stash images of fabric with glorious color but this bundle of black, white, and grey fabric immediately called me name.   

Whilst I use a lot of color in my quilts, I often also use a black or grey fabric as an accent fabric; a distinctively patterned design that stands out and gives the eye a place to rest.  

Shades of Black by Me & My Sister Designs is a collection of 32 prints and are a new take on favorite coordinate prints from previous collections - classic stash basics that readily mix with other collections.

Shades of Black by Me & My Sister Designs yardage is due for arrival in stores in this month - May 2013.

Shades of Black Pre-cuts are available now from:

For those of you who may have counted the fabrics in the top image you will have noticed that there are two fabrics missing in action.  My fat eighth bundle of Shades in Black has been sitting around for a few weeks and in the throes of creating I have cut into the following two fabrics for this quilt and this quilt, and subsequently they have missed this photo opportunity:
I'll be needing yardage of both of these!

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. Beautiful fabrics!!! Darn it all to my fabric diet!!

  2. I love the little sprouts!!

  3. This collection does not call my name, but I immediately thought the large floral was one you'd love. Do I know my RPQ or what?

  4. Piękne tkaniny!

  5. These fabrics have my mind churning. You could certainly make something beautifully bold with all those neutrals!

  6. These would make a great quilt.....!

  7. Gorgeous,my youngest daughter loves black and white,she would just love a quilt made with these.

  8. Love that circle of black you have going on in the first photo.

  9. What a great stash..these will stand you in good stead Rita.

  10. I just picked up all the greys at a quilt show last week. Love them!


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