Tuesday, April 23, 2013

To Boston With Love

In collaboration with the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild quilters, sewists and crafters are making flags to bring peace and love to those affected by the tragic events that have unfolded in Boston over the last week.  A public exhibition of flags strung into banners to be displayed in Boston is planned for early June 2013.

The overall idea is to provide Boston with an uplifting experience from quilters and sewists around the world; a message of hope, love and support. The more flags the greater the impact.  

All of the details including the design guidelines, specifications and step by step flag making instructions can be found here:

My patchwork heart flag is already on the way.  I hope that you too will join in. 


  1. I think I speak for all of us in the Boston MQG and the Boston area when I say thank you so much for your support. The love and support we have received over the past week has been overwhelmingly touching.

  2. This is wonderful! My son, daughter in law and grandson were in the bleachers across the street from the first blast. Very scary! They are physically fine...emotionally not so much. Thanks for the participation!

  3. That is wonderful. Did Krista H start that up? I'll have to jump in.. : )

    ~Monika in Saskatoon Canada

    1. Berene from http://www.happysewlucky.wordpress.com/ is the force behind this.

  4. Our local guild will jump right in here in Chico, California. Thanks to Dorrie of Simply Cotton for letting us know! Making my banner today!

  5. Great idea! I read about this yesterday and am planning to make a flag. I've invited the other members of our Modern Quilt Guild, and some other sewist friends, to join me.

  6. Amazing, Rita! Thank you! I will spread the word!

  7. Gorgeous flag Rita. Thanks for letting us know...I have made a couple and will post them off tomorrow.

  8. Beautiful flag, Rita! Thanks for sharing with your readers about this project! We've already got about twenty MQGs participating!

  9. I was wondering what I could do, now I know, what a great visual presentation this will be. Can't wait to see it


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