Sunday, February 3, 2013

Be Squared - A Finished Quilt and Pattern

Be Squared Quilt
Finished Quilt size:  56 inches x 72 inches

And so I have finished my quilt made with my treasured Oakshott cottons.  I am so glad to have finally cut into my Oakshott Colorbox.  It has been such a wonderful week.  Working with these fabrics is a privilege!  Delightful.

My plan had been to go heavy with the quilting (closely spaced lines both horizontal and vertical), but once the quilt top was finished and I could see how amazing these fabrics really are I decided to keep it simple to ensure that the fabric and the colors would be the highlight.

For the back of the quilt I have used a text print - Headliner News by Blank Textiles - a welcome and quirky contrast to the non-print fabric used in the quilt top.  I have matched this with a subtle text binding fabric:

Binding fabric:  Mama Said Sew
Sewing Guide in Black - by Moda Fabrics

40 different colors/fabrics
504 1008 fabrics squares

I have listed this quilt in my Etsy Store.

I have written an easy piecing  pattern for this quilt - suitable also for beginners.

The pattern is Jelly Roll, Fat Eighth, Fat Quarter and Yardage friendly.

Fabric requirements and cutting instructions are included for four different quilt sizes.

The pattern includes a guided tutorial with photo images for piecing and pressing seams which will assist in the successful completion of this quilt.

The Be Squared Quilt Pattern (pdf file) is now available here:

and my Etsy Store:

All my patterns are PDF files and if purchased from my Etsy Store are available for immediate download upon receipt of payment.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. This is just so beautiful. I love it!

  2. You make such magic with fabric. This quilt it so cool. May I ask what is the stitch length you used for your straight line quilting?

  3. A wonderful quilt Rita, great colours and it never ceases to amaze me what you can do with simple squares - good luck with the pattern!

  4. Really DELIGHTFUL!! Amazing how beautiful simple can be!Janita

  5. Using the text fabric for the back was genius. Love it! You have such an eye for modern quilting design. You always inspire me!

  6. Everyone's already taken all the adjectives that first came to mind when I saw this! No surprise there -- it's simply stunning ;)

  7. Such a beautiful quilt! Love your use of solids with the text backing...great idea and so nicely quilted!

  8. The colours are so vibrant, plus I love the text on the back! Brilliant!

  9. Woah this is so impactful and the colours are great. it is nice to work with nice materials. I am always amazed that you can bear to part with your beautiful creations!

  10. I have this same quilt on my design wall right now! I'm almost finished with a pattern too! A 16-Patch in solids. I like your shot cottons and the backing is brilliant. Well now I'm going to see if I can tweak mine a little to make it different. All your quilts are gorgeous.

  11. The backing and binding fabric idea is brilliant. Really amazing design

  12. So lovely! Love the fabrics, really special quilt! x

  13. Another great finish, Rita. Beautiful quilt: wonderful fabrics choices, impeccable quilting, and nice combination of backing & binding.

  14. I love it! You have such a great eye for making colourful qulits that are amazing!

  15. I love everything about. It's wonderful just how beautiful simplicity can be.

  16. WOW, stunning yet simple ; ) love all the colour combos

  17. Love the text fabric on the back! It really gives it even more dimension!

  18. So, I think I've returned to this post more that twenty times because I really love this quilt. Aren't there 1008 squares? 16 squares per block, 7 blocks wide, 9 blocks long. That's an indicator of how much I've been admiring it. Or, maybe I'm just bad at math! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.


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