Thursday, November 22, 2012

Liberty Lifestyle - Stile Collection

A Finished Quilt
Quilt making is a little like riding a bike, you don't forget.  Getting back behind the sewing machine this week has been without hiccup and it felt a little like I was never away.  I am a little shocked that it is almost December. 

I have enjoyed working with the Liberty Lifestyle - Stile Collection, and although the sewing was straightforward this traditional quilt has a classic and elegant look about it. 

I spent a little extra time on the quilting detail by stitching diagonal - edge to edge - quilting lines through the center of all white squares (cross-hatching), creating an on-point grid and an interesting quilt back:

I also pieced a scrappy binding with the leftover pieces of fabric, which I think it another highlight of this quilt:
And the finished binding - there's something about the edges of a quilt that I can't get enough of ... I have many more images just like this:

Just in time for Christmas ....
the finished quilt has been listed in my Etsy Store.  
The listing details can be seen here:  Modern Patchwork Quilt

With thanks to Liberty Lifestyle for giving me the opportunity to preview and sample the Stile collection.

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  1. Beautiful! And you're so clever to quilt your diagonals to the to-be-finished edge of the quilt. I always go to the corner of the unfinished block, only to have my quilting lines cut off by my binding, and then I always swear I'll do it better next time. But I never do. :-)

  2. very PRETTY !!! LOVE it !!! and all your quilts :D

  3. You always remind me that sometimes simple is the best. When Bloomsbury Gardens came out I basically thought I could die a happy fabric-loving death because it was the best there ever could be. And now! I love Stile even more, the Art Nouveau prints are just right for me. Thank you for these posts, now just to wait until I can get my hands on some too!

  4. Your pieced binding is wonderful, it is just the perfect finish for this. A truly lovely quilt!

  5. Argh, now I have Liberty lust. I've never had it before...

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  7. It's so beautiful. Great idea for using personal stash!

  8. Simple but fabulous! Love the pieced binding.

  9. This is a great quilt. Any reason why the bottom right hand block is the only block that has a different coloured square - or is this my imagination. Love all of your work. Thank you for letting all of us share your visions.

  10. What a darling little quilt, Rita. I love a pieced binding. I've seen many of your quilts on Pinterest lately. They are all beautiful!

  11. This is just gorgeous. You really let the fabrics speak with your wonderful simplicity and elegance of style. How small are the individual blocks, I wonder?

  12. Gorgeous as always. Looks like a perfect summer quilt with those colours. I too love binding and have to take pictures everytime I make it. Jacinta

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous. See it's sold already.....


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