Friday, September 14, 2012

Sweet Daisy Quilt II - A Custom Quilt

 A Custom Order Quilt using
The Sweet Daisy Quilt Pattern - an RPQ Pattern

Finished Quilt size:  52.5 inches x 65.5 inches

I have been burning the midnight oil this week to get this quilt finished.  I imagine it's not terribly exciting to see me reproduce this quilt, however it has been interesting to make a quilt from a pattern; and even more interesting to read and follow my own instructions!  

Fabrics Used:
  • Amy Butler - a selection of prints from the Lark and Soul Blossoms collection.
  • SOLIDS: Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton in White, Ash, Aqua, Banana, Cactus, Medium Pink and Putty
  • Kei Honeycomb in Blue for binding

The Sweet Daisy Quilt Pattern is an ideal beginner pattern; it requires experience in rotary cutting and basic straight line sewing.  The finished size of the quilt can easily be modified by adding/omitting rows/columns to suit your needs.  This quilt was made according to the exact pattern instructions, and a more comprehensive list of fabric requirements forms part of the pattern instructions.

And so whilst this quilt is ready for shipping, I think it is time to the tidy the trail of destruction that I have left behind in this whirlwind of sewing, preferably prior to starting the next project. 
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  1. I've been inspired by your straight-line quilting and have attempted to do it on my current quilt, but I must say, you are magic . . . such lovely straight lines and even stitches. So beautiful and so much more difficult than it looks. Thanks for all your beautiful work you share with us.

  2. The quilting on this is delicious!

  3. How do you get the background to your pics so sharp round the objects? I use Photoshop to White out round the objects but it still leaves a jaggedly type edge round each subject. Thank you.

  4. I saw this all rumpled up on IG, and wondered what it would look like. Lovely! *of course*

    Thanks for getting it ready in a quilt pattern. I'm going to recommend this to some of the new quilters in my sewing group, as per your advice.

    Elizabeth E.
    (occasionalpiece on IG)

  5. Love the use of white in your quilt!

  6. A gorgeous quilt! It's so easy to forget how a simple pattern can look so amazing =D

  7. What a lovely quilt...and fun sewing with such beautiful fabrics.

  8. really pretty - i especially love the use of the different coloured solids , it really adds to the overall design.

  9. This is super corny, but you're quilts are really inspiring. I'm almost done with my very first (just need batting and to sew it up! Do you recommend, for a newbie, just tying the squares off (sorry, I don't know the technical term) or doing the stich-in-the-ditch technique? I am worried the back will be full of slanted seems. Thanks!

    1. When I made my first quilt, I did stitch-in-the-ditch. It wasn't straight and it's a little scary looking but to me that's what makes it homemade and besides, it's your first quilt! You are allowed to make as many mistakes as you can! You then learn from them and try to correct them on another quilt. I think I have done 7 quilts in my first year of quilting...I did SITD in most of them and even my 7th quilt was a little off. I'm not sure I helped you...but I really hope you will give the SITD technique a try! It's one of my favorites!

  10. I like this one better than your original quilt becuase you have mixed the Lark in as well. The Lark makes it brighter :)

  11. Beautiful! Love this quilt. Those AB prints are so colourful and vibrant!

  12. I love the simplicity of this quilt! Beautiful! When you quilted it which came first, the straight or diagonal lines? You make this look so much easier than it is.

  13. As always amazed at how quickly you manage to get things done! It's great to see how you combine colours. Inspiring.

  14. This is a lovely quilt! Great fabric choices!

  15. I love this quilt - it looks really amazing!

  16. love it, so simple but so perfect. this show you don't have to go all complicated to great beautiful, and less is most of the time better.

  17. love it! so simple but so perfect. it shows that to make a beautiful quilt you don't have to go and get all complicated. less fuss but great results!


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