Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Stash #157

Havana by Monaluna

These sweet designs arrived in my mail box this week. A surprise package of the very best kind ~ fabric! ~ in a cool color palette of teal, blue and green that I don't think will ever lose it's appeal.
Havana by Monaluna
On the Go in Blue
Scoot Scoot in Blue

Havana by Monaluna  is a collection of fresh, modern designs printed on 100% GOTS certified organic cotton using low impact dyes.  The fabric is made from medium weight poplin weave, it has a natural drape and a soft, smooth hand.

My pick for stashing:  
Buttons in Blue 
Waffle in Green

The Havana collection is expected to arrive in stores in October 2012.  

Havana by Monaluna in both the cool and warm color palette
(image from

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. Love these, they are so fresh and fun!

  2. I would love to have somebof the blues. You have the best Sunday Stash Rita!

  3. loving the look of this line...thanks for the heads up, Rita!

  4. Did anyone else notice how "On The Go" in blue almost exactly matches the colour scheme of Jay McCarroll's Center City "Midtown" palette?! Hmm, how can we put this to good use...?

  5. Lovely fabrics, I love the blue and green.

  6. Thanks so much for introducing me to this new fabric - love it - both colorways! Hurry October!

  7. Absolutely love the blue, such a fresh colour. Sarah

  8. I love the prints, but can't say I'm crazy for the colourways..=D

  9. Can't wait to get my hands on some of this - the scooters are so fun, thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh man, I love this collection! Can't decide which color I like better, they are both nice. Thanks for sharing :)


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