Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bloomsbury Gardens II ~ A Finished Quilt

Bloomsbury II Quilt ~ 53 inches x 53 inches
441 squares each measuring 3 inches (including seam allowance)

I love working with fabric scraps!  It's so satisfying to create something out of what seems like nothing,  those scrappy leftovers.  Obviously there was plenty of fabric leftover from my 1/4 yard bundle of Bloomsbury fabric to create a useful and practical size quilt.  

I pieced this quilt in a process similar to that described in the Postage Stamp Quilt Tutorial, (with wider ~ 3 inch ~ strips).  And I have quilted this quilt in a grid of straight lines outlining seam lines, staying clear of cross-hatching (diagonal lines) so as not to add another graphic element to this already "busy" quilt top.

For the back of the quilt I have used a delicate and low volume print by Valori Wells - Del Hi Paisley in Scarlet.

Binding fabric:  by A Day in the Country ~ An Australian fabric company that produces an extensive range of excellent quality basic fabrics:  stripes, checks, dots, and small scale designs in a wide range of colors.

At this point I normally link up to where this quilt can be purchased.  However, on this occasion the quilt was sold prior to completion!  I have a feeling this quilt will be much enjoyed by my customer.

It's ready for shipping.

As always, thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Just beautiful. I've been admiring the Bloomsbury range and now I'm even more inspired.

  2. That's a beautiful, summery quilt and I absolutely LOVE the binding fabric. So nice.

  3. Very pretty quilt Rita - beautiful work.

  4. Another beautiful quilt! You always inspire me. Do you normally use a design wall?

  5. Just lovely! I can't wait for this line to hit the shelves, I have been saving for it!

  6. BEAUTIFUL! Did you use all five color palettes in these two quilts? Thank you. sdorsey@psln.com

  7. It's so very pretty, and that backing!!

  8. You are amazing ! I have gone back to the very beginning of your blog. Your stuff is so well done. Wish you would do a small tutorial on how you seam your backing for sizes over 44". I can't ever decide which way to seam and there seems like so much waste of fabric. Even though I save the scrape fabric.

  9. That backing is just beautiful - excellent choice!
    Take care - Byrd

  10. Wow I don't know how you make so many quilts in a month! Gorgeous finish! =D

  11. Very nice, Rita! When you sandwich the layers together do you use safety pins or straight pins to hold things together??

  12. Love the fabric. Your quilt looks thin, does it have any batting in it and if so, how thick?

  13. Just lovely! I'm very curious to know how your store your scraps - are they by colour or fabric range? Or do you use them before you can store them?

  14. Absolutely gorgeous! So cheery, too!...would light up any room. I'm inspired. :)

  15. Beautiful! Your quilts are so inspiring - yesterday I signed up for a quilting course at my local fabric shop, it starts in October and I am so excited!! I have had my sewing machine out, gathering little hints and tips from you and other very clever ladies on-line. I have to say my first little attempt at quilting was not too bad! I was quite proud :-) I look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous quilts, and maybe managing one of my own soon!
    Karen x


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