Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday Stash #143 ...

...  yet again on Monday.  But let's start the week with a blast of color!
Timeless Treasures Basics - SKETCH in a rainbow of colors!

I could not resist this range of vivid fabric ~  Sketch ~  by Timeless Treasures Basics.  They are (what I would call a semi solid) great basic stash additions with a cross hatch sketch that conveys texture to the eye.

And in the background another sought after text fabric, this one is Headline News by Blank TextilesText prints are still an obsession!  My head is spinning with plans and designs.  All I need now is more time, or should I say less procrastinating?

All fabrics here purchased and available from Pink Castle Fabrics:

Timeless Treasures Basics - Sketch also available from:

Enjoy Sunday! Monday!


  1. It's still Sunday over here :) Love the texture!

  2. Gorgeous! Great choices as always!

  3. Wow a colour blast for sure! Great set of prints there =D

  4. I'm coveting that array BAD!

  5. Loving that in some of the colourways there's so much white visible and yet the colours are so saturated that it doesn't take anything away from them. Fab stuff :)

  6. I always love reading your posts, but today's comment really made me think. "All I need now is more time, or should I say less procrastinating?" I've often said there's never enough time for all the quilt ideas I have, so why do I manage to procrastinate getting them done? A great way to start off the week with motivation to do instead of thinking about doing. By the way, how do you keep up with your blog every week?

  7. It's 9:00am over here in Utah! I just finished walking 9 holes on the golf course and now after reading your post - it is time to get busy and quilt. Always love your posts and they always inspire me. Thank you.

  8. I love that sketch fabric! I definitely need to score some ;-)

  9. I received that stack of Sketch from Pink Chalk recently, and the prints are stunning! So bright and fresh, I love them! And that newspaper one is a nice addition to the stash of anyone who likes text fabrics. I like to use it as lining in purses. It's light enough that I can easily see the contents of the purse, yet it adds a pop of interest.

    Always enjoy your posts!

  10. I seriously love that sketch fabric and it doesn't come much cooler than the newsprint fabric. SOoo cool! I have had a little bit of sketch fabric, in fact I think I used a little bit in a pinwheel quilt lately! Are you going to combine the fabrics into the same project?


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