Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Stash #128

This week's Sunday Stash features recently stashed or re-stashed Japanese prints, some of which are hard to find, rare, or out of print.

This bundle of four Fat Quarters are by Kumiko Fujita (Yuwa). They make a good addition to my growing collection of text prints.  I love the clarity of the text, the individual written words, followed by short sentences to show use of that word:  House.  He lives in a small house

Next up, another Fat Quarter bundle of Japanese fabric by Yuwa with French text:  Je Vous en Prie (You're Welcome!) in black, red, white, green and grey.  Some of these prints have already been cut into; they really do coordinate  well with the rest of my fabric stash.

Again another Japanese Import ~ Yuwa ~ addition, a Fat Quarter bundle of Daisy Flowers by Suzuko Koseki in Blue, Yellow and Green:

And I may just have been in the right place at the right time to pick up a several fat quarters of the sought after Kerchief Girls by Lecien.  These sweet girls have made an appearance in a number of my quilts and I can only hope that Lecien is considering a re-print of this collection in every color of the rainbow ... as well as black, and grey and ... Soon please?

Fabrics from these Etsy Store:
Blije Olifantje (The Happy Elephant)

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. Love those Kumiko prints! There's so much you could do with that text.

  2. I love Japanese fabrics and dream about an entire stash full of them. Thanks for sharing the shops where you purchased these gems!

  3. I am in love with those sweet little kerchief girls. I would be SO happy if They were put back in print!

  4. I LOVE kerchief girls and finally have a complete (I think it's complete, at least) set, including black. I think grey would be an awesome addition....along with orange.

  5. WOW look at those fabrics!! I love the scribbled daisies. Very pretty.
    Monika in Canada


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