Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Christmas Sewing

The weeks leading up to Christmas seem to pass by even more quickly than usual, and as I still have a considerable amount of present sewing (and knitting) to do, I am starting to feel a little panicky.

My mother is on top of the list of gift making and has asked for some cushions for her traditional dutch colonial kitchen chairs with woven rush (cane) seating.  These chairs have been in our family for close to 40 years and the rush covering is just starting to show a little wear.

And so I've spent some time sorting and choosing fabric (even pulling some pieces from the scrap bin), cutting small squares, and patchwork piecing. I think you will again recognize many of these prints ~ lots of Katie Jump Rope and Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt, tossed together with the usual dots and stripes.

Four kitchen chairs, means making four chair cushions.  After some thought I decided to make all four chair pillow/covers in the same color scheme ~ green, blue and brown.  Sorting through my stash I was reminded that I have very few brown prints in my stash; you see almost all of my brown fabric stash in these patchwork blocks.

It is time to start quilting these blocks and then turn them into cushion covers.

More soon.


  1. So pretty!! Love the color scheme!

  2. Lovely colour choices. I'm betting your mum will love them.

  3. And dare I say...maybe give yourself an excuse to buy some brown fabric. Hee Hee!

  4. I can sympathise with the panicky feeling! The cushions look lovely :-)

  5. You could plop those covers right into my kitchen and the colors would be perfect. I love your misx of fabrics too.

  6. i love the 2nd picture. perfect! and cute patchwork too!

  7. Don't panic! =) These covers are very pretty, Rita. What a nice gift.

  8. These are wonderful! Would you like my address? ;)

  9. Hmm and all the brown seams to be Katie Jump Rope. So I guess some designers need to add brown in their mix. Maybe there is some in the Parson Gray lines.


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