Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Log Cabin Quilt Progress

I was determined to start my new blue/red quilt yesterday for which I had already pulled out the fabrics, however, I soon realized that I had not yet washed the linen fabric for this quilt. So a quick change of plans as the linen was going to take some time to dry in Melbourne's cool and overcast weather. (I do wash most of my fabrics first both for shrinkage and color runs).

I then decided to start piecing the back for my Gelati Log Cabin Quilt. I found some fabrics that I thought would fit in well with the overall Gelati color theme of the quilt and started piecing. I don't usually plan the back of the quilt, I just start cutting and sewing.

The quilt back is finished, and I am now going to send it off to be basted by a long arm machine quilter. This quilt top is quite large, and has a lot of seams which has resulted in a stretchy quilt top. I think it best if it is basted professionally, so that I don't have problems when it comes to quilting it.

I also picked out a few of my favorite log cabins:

Now I will have to start thinking about how I am going to quilt it! Any ideas?


  1. Lots of pretties! Do you think the linen fabrics shring more than others - I have been wondering! The log cabins are just gorgeous - are you going to hand quilt?
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. I think an allover pattern would be great.
    A simple stipple or even a quirky floral design.
    Looking gorgeous!!!
    Andi :-)

    PS Is it expensive to have a quilt professionally basted?

  3. Beautiful front AND back--love the colors!

  4. Wonderful Log Cabin! I've asked myself exactly the same question a few days ago:D I went for straight lines and a bit of crazy quilting!

  5. Love the fabrics your using, so bright and cheery.
    how about quilting right down the middle of each log, so you would be quilting square shapes and maybe the center just an X or a heart????
    Clamshells or Baptist fans would be my other choices
    I love having my quilts basted by a long armer , they stay together better and you know they are nice and flat!
    can't wait to see how you decide to quilt it.

  6. I love quilting squares with concentric squares...start in the middle and just free motion outwards in a square pattern. then some squiggles for the sashing!! I just love your beautiful quilts, you have a good eye for colour and shape.

  7. These looks so lovely! I cannot wait to see the finished product, will be spectacular.

    Quilting...may be of more help after I see Deb Louie but what about decreasing swirls as you get to the centre of each log??

  8. Someone else to baste your quilt. That sounds fantastic. I hate basting. I love the back of the quilt. It's such a great idea to do some simple piecing on the back too.

  9. Your blog has wonderful "eye candy" in every post! I, too, think an allover pattern is appropriate for this design!


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