Monday, May 4, 2009

Coin Quilts

There are some really wonderful Coin Quilts out there in blogland. If you would like to be led astray please go and check out the 2009 Coin Quilt Piece-Along group for photos of the wonderful coin quilts that have been made.

There are over 300 photos on the Flickr Coin Quilt Group of Coin Quilts made by the participants, with many different interpretations. There is a lot of inspiration and talent there.

This Coin Quilt-Along was organized by Orange Flower: Sketchbook. This link will provide you with details of how to go about making a Coin Quilt, although many variations are possible, with there being no such thing as a wrong Coin Quilt!

This is the Coin Quilt that I made in early February 2009. The "coin" pieces were cut 2.5 x 4.5 inches and the sashing strips were cut as 1.75" strips. The borders are 3.5 inches. But really, you can make the "coins" any size you like.

This is a quick and easy project,that doesn't require a lot of sewing experience, and is just great for using up all those scraps, or for digging deep into the stash. The layout is simple but it is a design the will result in a quilt that looks great!

These pictures show the details of the quilting, and the fabric that I chose to use for the back of the quilt.

Go on! Check it out. Coin Quilts are very manageable projects. I hope you make one!


  1. Yours is beautiful and I agree - there is never a 'wrong' coin quilt.

  2. Thanks for the Link...a sure way to use up my scraps...

  3. Beautiful and bright! Love the fabrics you've used.

    I'm just waiting for my sashing to arrive so I can finish my first coin quilt.

  4. Thanks so much for the link..a coin quilt is on my quilting to do list. Yours is, as always...just lovely!

  5. A most beautiful example.
    I'm too scared to go to the link.
    I simply have NO TIME!!!!
    Andi :-)

  6. Beautiful quilt! I love the red binding.

  7. Coin quilts are quite easy to make. I love your little version. Very bright and cheerful.

  8. Your coin quilt is gorgeous! I've got to make one someday soon!

  9. They are so pretty!!

    I wanna play with your stash!!


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