Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Colorful Scrap Quilting with Amanda Jean Nyberg

Amanda Jean Nyberg is the blogger behind Crazy Mom Quilts, and the co-author of the book Sunday Morning Quilts. Amanda Jean designs original patterns and fabric, teaches at guilds and  quilt shows, and now has her own Craftsy Class. Amanda Jean has made more than 260 quilts in 15 years as a quilter, and looks forward to the next 260! Really, this lady needs no introduction, she is hugely inspirational, a leader of this community, and although we are thousands of miles apart and have never met, our sewing and fabric preferences are often remarkably similar. 

Recently Amanda Jean sent me a link to her new Craftsy Class - Colorful Scrap Quilting - without any obligation to watch, review, or share with my readers. I watched the class in it's entirety and although I did not actively participate, I thought that this class was too wonderful not to share with you; it is especially great for beginner quilters.

During the class you create a colorful row by row quilt (as pictured). In a series of seven lessons you not only learn how to sew 10 simple block designs including Nine Patch, Flying Geese (two different methods), Snowball, Hourglass, Shoo-Fly and Pinwheel Blocks, but Amanda Jean also shares with you her top 5 tips for fabric selection, fussy cutting, hand applique, and machine applique techniques.

Amanda Jean's Studio
The class materials include a comprehensive pattern available to download, and during each lesson you get to watch Amanda Jean demonstrate block construction all whilst sharing handy tips for successful project completion from 1/4 inch seam sewing, trimming blocks, and pressing.

Most impressive was Amanda Jean's ambidextrous use of the rotary cutter! Woah! Now there's something I probably won't try to emulate for I fear I might lose a finger. Or two.

Congratulations Amanda Jean! Your class - Colorful Scrap Quilting -  is a great resource for quilters and another wonderful achievement. I wish you all the very best in your next endeavors.

Take a further look at Amanda Jean's Craftsy Class here: 

Amanda 's Colorful Scrap Quilting Class - Craftsy
Amanda Jean's Blog - Crazy Mom Quilts
Amanda Jean's Book - Sunday Morning Quilts

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Images are by Amanda Jean Nyberg and are used here with permission.


  1. I think Amanda was the first blogger I found when I first started quilting several years ago. I emailed her with a question and she promptly emailed me back, and has inspired me ever since. Congrats, and good to see two of my favorite-ist blogger/ quilters together.

  2. Amanda was one of my firsts, too. I think I made my first quilt following her instructions, I'm pretty sure! I was very sad when she decided to stop blogging, back in the day, and super-happy when she made her infamous comeback. Congrats on this fantastic course, which will hopefully drag more people into the dark and mysterious quilting cult that we all belong to. Bwahaha! (But seriously, I hope it does really well for you, Amanda, both because you deserve your success and because you can never have too many new quilters.)

  3. Love Crazy Mom blog and have her book. Been thinking about enrolling i her Craftsy class, you have tempted me now. Would love for you to do a class on your piecing and amazing quxilting

  4. I love her blog and her book.
    Look at that sewing room.... I wonder if it is better to have carpeting. ...
    Either way, wowie, it is pin straight neat and tidy.
    Mine always looks like an explosion.
    My sewing room is the sun/morning room right next to the kitchen, with a wall cut out to see the tv (all of that murdering on weta uk)
    Happy Tuesday. Sunny and Humid here 30 miles west of the Cesspool.

  5. I love Amanda's work. I used several of her patterns from Sunday Morning Quilting and I am currently working on one of her Ticker Tape quilts, using up scraps. I love her scrappy attitude!

  6. Crazy Mom blog was my first go to quilting blog and I've followed her ever since! Have her book and I'm sure I will watch the class as well. I love you both and have learned SOOO much from both of you!! THANKS

  7. Thanks for the great, helpful review of Amanda Jean's class! It's definitely on my wish list. Her book is wonderful, and I'm sure the class is, too.


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