Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vintage and Feedsack Fabric Quilt

A Finished Quilt.
Quick Quilt Stats
Vintage and feedsack fabrics as well as new quilting fabrics.
Quilt measures 48 inches x 60 inches.
Squares and Four-Patch design.

First, please let me thank everyone who sent an email or left a comment on the work in progress blog post for this quilt, and the many recommendations offered to remove that vintage smell from vintage fabric. There were some really great suggestions - and some age old remedies - and in the end I rewashed the quilt top by gently soaking it in a tub, then allowed it to line dry, leaving it out in the sun for several hours. It seems to have worked a treat. I have had several impartial noses smell the quilt and all have told me that the quilt smells fresh, without a hint of musty odor. So that's good news. Really good news, allowing me to move on and finish the quilt.

I have quilted this quilt by first ditch-stitching all the seam lines, and then stitching another set of edge to edge straight lines (vertical and horizontal) through the center of the squares. Simple and functional, giving the quilt a lovely texture and a very nice drape.

For the back of the quilt I have used a single fabric from the Country Girls collections by Tasha Noel. Also note that for the quilting stitches I have matched the bottom/bobbin thread color with the backing fabric (red) and used an off-white thread for the quilt top. This was a risky decision for if the sewing machine tension is not right it will quickly show; either by the bobbin thread showing on the right side (the quilt top) or the top thread showing on the quilt back. My machine is delivering a neat stitch at the moment so I was fairly confident with this decision. She did not let me down.

For the quilt binding I have used an Art Gallery Fabric ~ Squared Elements in Turquoise.

I really am very happy with how this quilt turned out! I especially love that this quilt features so many of my vintage fabrics. It is always satisfying to work with stash fabrics, but even more so when they are treasured vintage fabrics collected over a number of years. I like to think this quilt somehow represents a small catalog of fabrics from another era, again made functional for someone to enjoy.

This quilt is for sale, however I won't be updating my Etsy Store until after Spring Break/Easter.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me: redpepperquilts at gmail dot com.

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Vintage and Feedsack Fabric Quilt ~ Work in Progress
Vintage Fabric and RPQ Feedsack Projects

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  1. its so gorgeous, Rita... :) as you said that you put on the tub to wash the quilt, did you use catch color paper to avoid the color mixed ? Thank you..

  2. Beautiful!! I love Vintage and Feedsack prints.

  3. This is one of my favorite quilts that you have made. It's just so lovely & cheerful, and the red backing looks fantastic. I'm going to start looking for some vintage fabric to make a similar one :-)

  4. Another lovely quilt. Thanks for the update on the washing method to remove the musty smell - you never know when you might need that knowledge!

  5. I never cease to be inspired by your print combos!

  6. just beautiful! You have such an eye for color and patterns

  7. I ADORE feed sack fabric, especially vintage pieces! You did an awesome job showcasing them.

  8. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!! I love it, feedsacks and vintage fabric is my most favorite thing in the whole world!! Sew pretty!!

  9. Gorgeous quilt! That's such great news you were able to solve the musty smell problem!


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