Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Weekend in Stitches: Modern Triangles - A Patchwork Pillow Cover

Weekend sewing looked like this:

Modern Triangles - Patchwork by Red Pepper Quilts
Modern Triangles - Patchwork by Red Pepper Quilts

These traditional patchwork units with a modern design/layout have been on my mind for a while ... and that which gets into my head needs to come out eventually. Rather than try out this free style design on a large project, like a quilt, I decided to go small scale first.

Modern Triangles - Patchwork Pillow by Red Pepper Quilts
By freestyle I am referring to the placement of the half rectangle triangles. Although I did have a general design in mind I arranged the triangles freestyle, creating a "pattern" in progress (as opposed to sketching and coloring a design first). I think I work better by doing rather than planning, which in my case might lead to overthinking. Straight from my head to my hands and the sewing machine. 

Modern Triangles - Patchwork Pillow by Red Pepper Quilts

The solid fabrics used are all Robert Kaufman Kona Cottons, and I have added just a few printed fabrics for interest. No project escapes the addition of black gingham at the moment! Or text fabric for that matter, but text fabrics have been a much longer obsession.

Modern Triangles (quilting detail) - Patchwork Pillow by Red Pepper Quilts

Quilted! When making a pillow cover I still make a "proper" quilt sandwich which includes the pillow top, batting and a layer of cotton backing fabric (the back of which will be visible from inside the pillow cover). I also pin baste the pillow top in the same way - taping the layers to the floor and then pinning the layers together. (I have previously written about my basting technique here).

Modern Triangles (front and back) - Patchwork Pillow by Red Pepper Quilts

For the back of the pillow I have used a single home decorator weight fabric by Heather Moore (Skinny la Minx). The pillow cover has a zippered side seam for easy insert removal and cleaning.
Modern Triangles - Patchwork Pillow by Red Pepper Quilts

This pillow is for sale and is listed in my Etsy Store.

You will find the listing details here: Modern Patchwork Pillow Cover

This design will need to be worked up into a quilt!

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  1. I love your originality! I've never seen anything like this, and it's really cool. Keep on inspiring!

  2. this works so very well and yes you must repeat in a quilt,

  3. It's a stunner!!! Black gingham has my vote everytime :)
    I really like the way that you did the quilting on this one, as well. Lovely!

  4. This looks great. I like the optical illusions of different size triangles too.

  5. I love the optical illusions as well. When quilting do you sew same direction each row or alternate up/dn? Which one avoids that ripple, puckered look? I do have a walking foot. Your finished quilts look so smooth!!!

  6. i love this! and i, too, do much better designing with fabric than i do on graph paper. i always feel like most people do it the other way, sketching first. bur for me, the doing solidifies the design.

  7. Super cool, Rita. Glad you pointed out the black gingham. I'm having a hankering for some now...

  8. Love this! Makes my eyes go funny though...probably doesnt help that im reading this at half past midnight lol


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