Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Stash #230 Storybook Playtime for Windham & Minny Muu for Lecien

Favorite Storybook Playtime Fat Quarter Bundle for Windham Fabrics
Favorite Storybook Playtime Fat Quarter Bundle
 by Whistler Studio for Windham Fabrics
This cheerful and sunny fat quarter bundle brightened my week. I am somewhat obsessed with these 30's prints! I think it is the bright colors and small scale prints that I've fallen for, and that fact that they work so well with a range of modern designer fabrics - which feature so strongly in my fabric stash - that make these such a great addition. They're so easy to work with.

Favorite Storybook Playtime Fat Quarter Bundle for Windham Fabrics

The complete Storybook Playtime collection consists of 41 different fabric in two color palettes ~ Favorites and Night Time. Shown here is the Favorites palette in cheerful yellow, red, orange, and pink. The Night Time colorway includes a range of similar prints in cooler colors - blue, green and lavender.

Favorite Storybook Playtime Fat Quarter Bundle - Windham Fabrics

Storybook Playtime for Windham Fabrics is available from:
The Fat Quarter Shop
Pink Castle Fabrics

And I could not resist this collection:
Minny Muu by Koko Seki for Lecien
Minny Muu by Koko Seki for Lecien
Minny Muu is a range of small scale prints - 1/4" inch designs - tiny! There are six different designs  - ranging from bugs and animals to adorable fairy tale characters  - each in five different colors.  My favorites ... let's start with the sweet ladybugs:

Minny Muu by Koko Seki for Lecien - Ladybugs
Minny Muu - Ladybugs
Minny Muu by Koko Seki for Lecien - Alice
Minny Muu - Alice
Minny Muu by Koko Seki for Lecien - Little Pigs
Minny Muu - Little Pigs
This is such a versatile collection in terms of both color and design, as well as great opportunity for adding some often used low volume prints to my fabric stash.

Minny Muu by Koko Seki is available from:
Pink Castle Fabrics

Enjoy Sunday!

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  1. Oh these are so much fun I love them!
    Smiles :)

  2. I love your Sunday Stash posts! All those fabrics up close! Thank you!

  3. Love the bright colors. The prints are great.

  4. I love great fun prints and these all fit this bill. You will have fun with these in your stash

  5. Oh I am in love with Storybook Playtime. Must add it to my list :)

  6. I love the Minny Muu! Cute little Alice's and the lady bugs, so fun.

  7. OOhhhh those Lecian fabrics are cute! I will be looking for those prints in your upcoming works.

  8. I love 1930's fabric! A few weeks ago I went on a quiltlers retreat and was sadly disappointed several shops I went to, no longer have a wide selection of depression era fabric. I guess I will need to take another trip to Lancaster to get my fix, =0)

  9. Oh goodness love the 30's!! It is such a disappointment that a lot of the shops no longer carry them, sI have to look high and low, they are the only fabrics I sew with, and my stash is really getting low, love your sunday shows!!

  10. The little Alices are ADORABLE!


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