Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Stash #225 Vintage Fabrics and More

It has been a busy week, and unlike most weeks two days were spent out and about at Quilt Shows. Two shows in one week, and one of those was the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne (last day today!). Both quilt shows were wonderful and inspiring with color, design and fabric overload. My brain is buzzing. Quite exhausting really.

Vintage Fabrics - quilting cottons

Found this week at one of the quilt shows were these vintage fabrics - these are not reproductions. I am very fond of these small scale floral prints, the colors and color combinations in particular are lovely .... the orange/brown and orange/greens. 

Vintage Fabrics - quilting cottons

These fabrics are all vintage cottons and they were in their original unwashed state. So precious. Most were straight off the bolt and they were were dirty (not so much stained but dirty from decades of storage and handling). The fabrics pictured here are post-wash. I gave these the harsh treatment because if they can't withstand being soaked with a stain remover product, then washed in the washing machine on a gentle but warm cycle, and finally tumbled dried in the dryer then I can't use them in one of my quilts. I am pleased say they are now clean, smell fresh and are ready for action.

Vintage Fabrics - Strawberries

The large scale strawberry print is also a vintage fabric. I couldn't possibly leave it there! All of the fabrics here are from A Piece of Cloth; an Australian vintage and antique textile sourcing business with fabrics and quilt tops sourced internationally and for sale directly from the studio or online.

Reproduction Fabrics - Aunt Grace in A Pickle and Feedsack III by Sara Morgan

Pictured above are some of the reproduction fabrics that either came home with me or arrived at my home over the last few weeks. A number of these fabrics are from the Feedsack III collection by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabrics. The cute umbrella fabric (as well as the two floral fabrics directly above the umbrella print) is from the Aunt Grace in a Pickle collection by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Fabrics. 

And these too. I am still loving (and using) text fabric and these are a quilter's delight. Text fabric with patchwork and quilted words, in black or white.

Enjoy Sunday!


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  1. These are wonderful-----i wonder where they have been all this time, waiting for you

  2. The strawberry fabric reminds me of tablecloth my Grandma had!

  3. what a wonderful selection of fabrics, I would love to be a fly on your wall to see your full collection. Hope you will tell us a bit about the quilt convention, Jennie Rayment went out to it, such a long way for a show, I think she was giving a lecture

  4. Your vintage fabrics are really interesting! In my childhood I remember I've had bed linen with a similar print of the one with the little roses and dots! Am I vintage too? :o)
    But what I like most is the text print! It is lovely!
    Have a nice sunday!

  5. I have some serious fabric envy here....especially love those strawberries....might see if they have any more left....

  6. Wow! What a score! I love how the vintage 30's fabrics did the horizontal hashing as a design element. Those colors are all so interesting.

  7. Treasures turned up for use and adoring

  8. I can't believe how beautiful these fabrics are. Especially the strawberry print. You better make something for yourself with that one, or I'll doubt your sanity! LOL

  9. Oh my! That strawberry fabric!!! Love, love, love it!

  10. I really really wanted to go to the quilt show but all my kids wanted to go camping for the school holidays and Easter break so I'm missing it :( Sounds like it was fun. Well I suppose I have saved myself spending money on fabric. Love your vintage finds. :)

  11. Love that large strawberry print.


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