Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Stash #226 - Nesshome Fabrics and More

Wild Flower and Friends by Nesshome - Red Pepper Quilts
Wild Flower and Friends by Nesshome - Easter Bunnies!
available from Miss Matatabi (Etsy Store)
Today I have some Nesshome - Korean brand fabrics - and a few other fabrics to share with you. Nesshome fabrics vary in weight/blend, with some designs printed on an all cotton base and other designs printed on a cotton/linen blend base.The bunnies and floral fabrics pictured above - Wild Flower and Friends by Nesshome - are cotton/linen blend fabrics (55% linen, 45% cotton) and are a medium weight fabric - somewhat heavier than standard quilting cotton. But they are super soft! The 6 different designs are printed on single panel of fabric.
Nesshome - Text Fabric - Red Pepper Quilts
Text Fabrics by Nesshome
More text fabric for me! Like I said, it isn't over yet, there are more quilts with text fabric to come. This bundle of fabrics is also by Nesshome, and the great news is that they are 100% cotton, a lightweight fabric very much like standard quilting cotton. Happy days. 
Text Fabric by Nesshome
Text Fabric by Nesshome 
There is no such thing as too much text fabric. This print with a white background has already been cut in to. 

Vintage Time by Kei Fabrics - Red Pepper Quilts

Next up are a bundle of Japanese Import fabrics by Kei - called Vintage Time. These are again a linen/cotton blend (50% linen, 50% cotton), but they are lightweight and soft. This fabric has a smooth weave, slightly open, and drapes well; considering its linen blend base it handles remarkably like standard quilting cotton.

Vintage Time by Kei Fabrics - Red Pepper Quilts

Nesshome and Kei Fabrics featured here are all available from:

Timeless Treasures - black white stripe fabric

And last, a re-stock of a fabric that I use often and is my go to binding fabric ~

Black/White 1/8" Stripe by Timeless Treasures - available from:

Happy Easter and Spring/Autumn break everyone!
Enjoy Sunday,

More Sunday Stash - Nesshome Fabrics
More Sunday Stash - Kei Fabrics 

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  1. Wow - I just ordered some fabric from Miss Matatabi including that top one two days ago! I hope it arrives soon as there is a project waiting for it!!!

  2. Perfect fabric to drool about on this lovely Easter morning!
    Thanks Rita!!
    Happy Easter to you too!

  3. I really like the vintage time fabric.


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