Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Stash #222 - Retro 30's Child Smile Collection

Retro 30's Child Smile Collection by Lecien
Just lately my eye has been drawn to the many vintage style and reproduction collections that are available. I don't think that this is a change of direction for me, but rather an expansion of my fabric stash. Like I really need to expand my stash ... 

Retro 30's Child Smile - Daisies
But ... these colors and small scale prints do work well with the fabrics that I usually go for and I intend to mix and match at my whimsy. The Daisies (pictured above) are my favorite from this collection - and I have seen images of these (as well as some of the prints) in other colorways - pretty pink, blue and yellow - that I haven't been able to get my hands on. Yet.

Retro 30's Child Smile - Cherries
My internet research(!) has not assisted me in identifying the designer of this collection - perhaps it is an in-house collection - nor am I able to find images of the full collection and there are definitely more colorways than pictured here and perhaps even other designs. I am always curious ... and need to see and know all.
Retro 30's Child Smile - Florals

RETRO 30'S CHILD SMILE COLLECTION is available from:
GJ's Discount Fabrics (in store)

 Enjoy Sunday!

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  1. Hi Rita, I do think the designer is one of the in-house designers. You can find the entire line (to see at least) here:

  2. Just eating my breakfast here reading your blog.....what a ray of sunshine colour. Lovely xxx

  3. more wonderful fabrics, I wonder do you buy all you share with us and if so in what quantity, I am building up a stash in half metres but wonder f this is the right way to go about it

    1. Hi Margaret - thank you for your question!

      I purchase, and therefore get to choose, all of my own fabrics. I pay retail prices and don't take fabric for trade from any of my sponsors. I am occasionally offered free fabric from well known fabric houses and will always disclose and make mention of that in the blog post. I only accept free fabric without any obligation ...

      I purchased 30cm of each of the prints that are pictured in this post. I purchased these locally - and like to support our local stores when I can.


  4. Oh funny! I have been sewing with 30's repros for 15 years and am so over them! I used to have 2 or 3 bins of each color but got rid of a lot in yard sales. Just yesterday I was lamenting the space they take up in my stash and had decided to mix the ones I want to keep in with my other fabrics. Funny you had this discussion today.

  5. How lovely those materials are .. They would make a very awesome 10 minute block quilt .. Hmmm.. may have to find them online as unfortunately there aren't many LQS around due to the econonmy. Many have down sized or closed up.

  6. Love these. They look very fresh and modern to me. Combine with white, navy or other solids would be very modern!

  7. I love this fabric and would l win win making girl bags and a baby quilt

  8. I love that line! Often lines don't hit me, but boy this one is perfect! SO many options!

  9. I just recently increased my '30s stash with these fabulous prints! Making some quilts with redwork in them and the '30s fabrics work wonderfully.

  10. I love those colors and prints! They are so festive and bright, perfect for Spring. I can't wait to see what you make of them

  11. What a happy bunch of fabrics
    I love it

    Patricia x

  12. Very, very pretty, as Lecien always is. These fabrics remind me of my Grandma, who was born in 1930. When I was new to quilting and fabric I asked what does 30s style fabric look like, my lovely quilt shop owner said "fabrics that your Grandma would love". She nailed the description!


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