Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Work in Progress

A few snippets of what I am working on this week.

I am excited to see that Mormor and Sylvia by Lotta Jansdotter are now arriving in stores! Seeing these pop up in stores has made me want to get started on a new Lotta project.

I have cut into both of my fat quarter bundles (Mormor and Sylvia). They're gorgeous! The fabrics and prints are wonderfully easy to work with as a collection, but because I can't help myself I have thrown several other prints into the mix, including prints from Lotta's prior collections (Glimma and Bella). I love Lotta's unique design style and that all of Lotta's fabric collections work together so well.

The quilt design is super simple with strips of varying length sewn together into long vertical rows. The width of the rows vary from 3 inches to 5 inches and are arranged without too much consideration. Sewing spontaneity AND the color purple; two things that make me feel somewhat ill at ease, but I like to challenge myself and I am pleased with the end result.

More soon.

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The Finished Mormor Quilt
Mormor and Sylvia - including a list of availability from my sponsors.


  1. Quite delicious Rita. How lovely to cut into fresh fabric from a latest range..and Lotta at that!

  2. a lovely fabric collection and do like the idea of strips of varying widths and length

  3. Very "pleased with the end result" as you succinctly put it; I love it. In fact, I may make something similar with this mostly blue pull I have awaiting a pattern to find me and it. Since strip piecing is my favorite and my best skill set, this pattern looks like a possibility.

    Many thanks for your continuing inspiration. Your blog is also so clean and crisp; very attractive, Rita.

  4. Love this! The best part is there is no need to line up corners...my kind of quilt pattern :-)

  5. Love this, and the idea! Will definitely try it :)

  6. Judging From the sneak peeks, I would say this one is a real winner. Looking forward to the finished photos.

  7. I am feeling that purple!
    I think you could be on to something there! Way to go brave!

  8. Love! Those purples in the line (the rows of triangles!!) and what made me have to have it - mine hasn't arrived yet to start cutting up, though. Fun to see what you're making with it already : )

  9. Love love love the fabric pile! It makes my heart sing!


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