Friday, February 14, 2014

The Ashburn Shawl

The Yarn: Plucky Bello by The Plucky Knitter
in Two Drifters, Barely Birch and Sticky Toffee

Let me start by saying that I don't get a lot of time to knit and this shawl has been on my knitting needles since mid December 2013. Oddly it seems that I get more knitting done over the Summer months than the cooler Winter months. Perhaps I am knitting in the hope for a quick change in seasons. A short Summer is a good Summer.

The Ashburn Shawl is an easy knit with a fair amount of simple garter stitch (great for beginner shawl knitters); and a pattern perfect for the intermittent knitter as it is easy to pick up after a short hiatus. I wear shawls throughout the cooler months wrapped more like a scarf rather than a traditional "draped around the shoulders" shawl. I have a quite a number of shawls. Some are worn more often than others. Some have been gifted. Some have been misplaced - oops!

This shawl is is keeper. I love these wearable colors and I also really like that the shawl is super long, measuring more than 80 inches along the top edge. It will wrap and wrap beautifully.

For more pictures and all the details including links to the Ashburn Shawl pattern check out my Ravelry page:

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  1. I think it's cooler to have a piece of knitting on your lap than wrestling with a great big quilt. Love your colours, will be perfect for autumn. I'm especially fond of the turquoise.

  2. The shawl is gorgeous, beautiful colors and gorgeous texture.

  3. You haven't misplaced your beautiful rainbow shawl, have you? I live in too warm a climate to wear them so I envy your lovely creations.

  4. Oh, my, what a gorgeous shawl!! 80"? No wonder it took you so long!! Happy Valentines' Day to you!

  5. Amazing colors and texture! Very wearable :)

  6. Love the beautiful colors you chose for your shawl. "A short summer is a good summer"...couldn't agree with you more!

  7. lovely shawl, and colors. Bet it's nice to wrap around.
    regards from Sweden

  8. I love this simple shawl and am especially fond of the colors that were used. I have to make one!

    Also, I love that you include cloth as well as fiber here - I quilt, sew and knit and sometimes I feel weird about both on my website. Now I don;t feel as bad!

  9. How lovely! Your talents amaze me : )

  10. a very nice shawl which I am sure will be used a great deal in the cold weather. Unlike you I like a long summer, short winters are best for me

  11. Very, very gorgeous. Love the colors and the color names!:) All I can do with knitting needles is purl...or knit...don't know which is which and I have to hold one of the needles between my knees or it takes me forever!!

    I've signed up for a class I just need to find the time and with 17+ inches of snow on the ground I think a warm shawl would be great to grow on my lap!:)

  12. incredible! I love the colors.


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