Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Strips and Bricks Quilt III

A finished quilt.

Oh this quilt ... I love the soft colors and the contrast of the larger scale fabrics. Whilst the fabric play rates highly as my favorite part of the making of the quilt, the quilting comes a close second. The quilting has added just the right amount of interest and texture.

And there was quite a lot of quilting with sets of 8 lines quilted 1/2 inch apart intersection to create a grid at regular intervals. Some of the lines were ditch stitched, and the remaining lines were quilted with the use of a quilting guide which is definitely quicker than having to mark lines on the quilt.  I try to avoid marking the quilt whenever possible.

For the back of the quilt I have used a modern bird print from the Waterfront Park collection by Violet Craft (Flight in White).

The binding fabric ~ Art Gallery Fabrics - Squared Elements is one of those fabric designs that I seem to be turning to often, especially for binding a quilt. Several new colors have recently been added to the already extensive Squared Elements range which means that there is always just the right color for your quilt! The colorway pictured here is Squared Elements - Honeycomb.

This quilt is for sale and is listed in my Etsy Store.

You will find the listing here:  Modern Patchwork Quilt.

Red Pepper Quilts Etsy Store
Strips and Bricks Quilt - Work In Progress
Strips and Bricks Quilt I June 2009
Strips and Bricks Quilt II July 2010
It is just two weeks till Christmas and I am feeling a little panicky. I am starting my handmade Christmas gifts today!  Today. Sew sew sew ...

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  1. Absolutely love the soft palette. The print you chose for the back is beautiful...lovely combination.

  2. What fabric companies do you use? I love the unique fabrics you use in all your quilts.

  3. Oh Rita, this is stunning. I love all the low volumes - Looks so soft!

  4. Very nice quilt. Soft, fresh, unusual palette, exquisite quilting.

  5. Oh, I just love this. You did such a wonderful job, and it looks so soft and warm and light. I love the way you combined the rectangles and squares. Great great great!

  6. excellent quilt, love the scraps and what you do with them, went to a group last weekend fro the first time, modern quilters and had a lesson in scraps so maybe I will have a mini quilt made one day. Being new to quilting I am having to cut up fabrics to make the scraps!

  7. your quilt is absolutely beautiful! the colors are so so sweet. May i ask what is the stitch length that you used for quilting?

  8. That is just gorgeous, Rita! LOVE!!

  9. Wow. This is amazing. Are you able to share the size of your blocks?

  10. Just so gorgeous Rita! You are amazing :)

  11. Stunning quilt (as usual). All the fabrics look great and how wonderful to sit there with it and look at all the different designs.

  12. This soft palette in your quilt is really lovely!

  13. Beautiful quilt. Your quilting always looks so neat. What sort of quilting guide do you use I would really love to have a guidet o help with straight lines. i often use masking tape as a guide but it's a bit tedious.


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