Monday, November 25, 2013

Pinwheels and Daisies Quilt Pattern

Pinwheels and Daisies Quilt 
The Pinwheels and Daisies Quilt is finished!  I am really excited about how this quilt has turned out. I love the simple design from traditional patchwork units, and the colorful "field of daisies".

Other than a major and ongoing sewing machine crisis (not unlike a computer blue screen) no difficulties were encountered in the eventual basting, quilting and binding of this quilt.  My backup sewing machine was a trooper and came to my rescue.  I have quilted an all over grid of edge to edge lines, which really adds to the overall modern look of the quilt despite the traditional design.

I have written a pattern for the Pinwheels and Daisies Quilt.

The pattern (pdf file) is available as an immediate download from:
The pattern includes step by step tutorials to make the Pinwheels and Daisies block as pictured in TWO different sizes:

Pinwheels and Daisies Blocks in TWO different sizes
On the right is the original size block as used to make the quilt pictured here, and on the left is the larger size block for comparison.  Included also are cutting and sewing instructions for both blocks as well as fabric requirements for three additional quilt sizes regardless of what size block you choose to make.  Lots of options!

As always seam pressing instructions (and photos of the back of the blocks) are included to ensure that all seams nest together when sewing together your blocks into a quilt top, as well as handy hints and tips which will assist in the successful completion of this project (see the pattern listing for all pattern details).
The actual quilt itself is not for sale this time, but I am looking forward to seeing the many different versions and interpretations of this quilt made by you!

Thank you for enthusiasm which has spurred me on to write this pattern, and as always thank you for stopping by!


  1. What a striking quilt! I love the one little daisy with polka dots.

    1. Me too. It's like a where's Wally challenge: where's the cute spotty one?

  2. I didn't think I loved this -- though I always love to see what you're coming up with -- but I do! I do love it. So much.

  3. The continuity of the pinwheels and the scrappy of the daisy are so pleasing together. I'm looking for a pattern to make a graduation quilt for a niece, this maybe it.

  4. Love it. Off to purchase now.

  5. pinwheels are one of my favourite blocks, this quilt looks great. Hope the machine recovers from its mid life crisis!

  6. Lovely, and I am heartened to see that you have included seam pressing instructions on your pattern as this is the bit (as a novice) that gets me every time, which way to press for best results. I may just have to try this quilt.

  7. Beautiful and what a great colors!

  8. Black binding!! Yes, it just brings everything together nicely. Beautiful quilt, Rita!

  9. Love how graphic this quilt is, but still homey and cute! I appreciate how you include pressing instructions - I always end up re-pressing seams so I don't get bumps!

  10. Great quilt and that backing fabric looks like the perfect polka dot! What is it?

  11. LOVE THIS ONE!!! I'm a new GFC follower!! YAH!!!

  12. Great quilt! I love the black and white pinwheels with the pop of color. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Really love the way the pattern plays optical illusions with itself. Super, Rita, you've really hit it out of the park with this one. Brava !~!

  14. Such a wonderful pattern, Rita! It's vintage and modern all at the same time.


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