Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Stash #202 - A is for .... by My KT

A is for .... by My KT (Windham Fabrics)
A is For by My KT is a cheerful 30's inspired collection in a bright color palette. Pictured here is not the complete fabric collection as I had to trade-off between all prints versus yardage of some.  Yardage won.  

A is For - Alphabet in Black, Red, Blue and White

I particularly like the (above pictured) Alphabet fabrics ~ I love the clear colors and simple, classic design. Yardage of these prints have been added to stash. 
A is For - BlossomFlowers and Apostrophe
You'll also see some of these small scale designs appear in my quilts.  These are great stash basics and will blend well and easily with other fabric collections. I have in fact already cut into these prints and look forward to sharing pictures of my work in progress next week.

A is For ...  by My KT is now in stores and available from:
Pink Castle Fabrics
The Fat Quarter Shop
Fabric Bubb (Etsy)

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. some lovely fabrics here, too hard to pick a favourite as I would be delighted to have some of each in my stash. Wonder what quantity you buy each one in, I am buying half metres to build up a stash but not sure if this is the right way to go about it, advice please if you have a spere moment would be appreciated, thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing these, love their vibrancy. Looking forward to seeing what you create with them...

  3. The cherry floral prints will be added to my stash soon! I can't tell what two cherries together always remind me of, or the little squiggly comma shapes for that matter either! I never get them. Too much for me! But I'm relieved to see there's three cherries in this print!


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