Friday, September 6, 2013

A Low Volume Scrappy Strip Quilt

A Finished Quilt
A scrappy strip quilt :: scrappy in the sense that I have used a variety of fabrics :: less scrappy is the layout with a regular 2 inch wide strip throughout. Perhaps not strictly low volume either, although it does read that way to me.

I am pleasantly surprised with how well these very different fabrics all play together and convey a sense of calm and a stillness despite the mix of pattern and color.  Some of the feature fabrics used include:

Again I have quilted the quilt with a straight lines but this time a set of horizontal lines just 1 inch apart and a set of 2 vertical lines running edge to edge through every second strip of fabric.  For the quilt back I have used Pam Kitty Love Floral Bouquet yardage which is perfect for this quilt and is a fabric that I will need to re-stock as I rather adore it.

BINDING :: Squared Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics 
(picture overload!)
The same can be said for the binding fabric - Squared Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics - a fabric which I have previously used for quilt binding although in a different colorway .   L o v e  i t  ... including all of the recently released new colors.
This quilt is for sale and I have updated my Etsy Store.

The listing for this quilt is here:  Modern Patchwork Strip Quilt 

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  1. Gorgeous! Do you draw your quilt lines or just eye ball them? :) Thanks

  2. So pretty, I just want to curl up on a porch swing and watch the leaves flutter!

  3. So pretty. Exceptional quilting as always.

  4. Love this quilt, scrappy, ordered, balanced, light and bright, not loud or "in your face". There is one in my future, I can feel it.

  5. This is so pretty! I've really been drawn to the low-volume quilts as of late.

  6. Gorgeous again! Love the pink too

  7. Really lovely and great matching of fabrics on the front, with the back and the binding too. Very impressed that such a simple idea looks so stunning and expensive.

  8. You never fail to amaze me Rita. Just love the fabrics and the quilting. Beautiful...........

  9. Hi Rita I really like the different lengths of some of the rows of strips. I think it has a similar effect to the different size of some of the HST rows on your last quilt, giving both quilts extra dimension and depth. Love it!!

  10. I find it amazing how so many different fabrics work so well together, such a lovely quilt.

  11. So pretty. I really want to do one of these but will need to get some low volume fabric first.

  12. Lovely quilt! The strawberry fabric is absolutely delicious.

  13. I love this, Rita!! I'm planning to bind my newest quilt finish with a Squared Element as well, I love the look of it!

  14. Beautiful job, one of my favs!


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