Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Stash #199 - Sun Print by Alison Glass

Sun Print - Text and Feathers

Alison Glass has done it again, this time with an extensive range of stash builders, basics, and blenders in user friendly colors and designs.  There are six different designs in the range released in nine different colors with each design group released over a period of months.  
Sun Print - Text by Alison Glass
In stores now are both the Text group of fabrics as well as the Feathers range pictured below. The Text collection features words written by Alison; words which don't necessarily mean anything but create and add texture.  Both groups of fabric come complete in a range of 9 different colors.

Sun Print - Feathers by Alison Glass
Sun Print by Alison Glass - Text and Feathers - available from:

Enjoy Sunday!

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