Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Modern I-Spy Quilt

My Stitches in Pictures and it is picture overload today.
I was supposed to be tidying the growing fabric mountain that was - and still is - threatening to avalanche, but instead was distracted by a number of fabrics that I'd set aside whilst making a previous quilt; a bundle of fabrics in the black/white, blue/green, red and yellow color palette.  

Out came the rotary cutter and soon I was editing my fabric choices, sewing, basting and quilting, and  finally binding.  The design is again a simple 'just squares' patchwork featuring the fabrics and the colors rather than an intricate pattern.  A timeless classic and still a favorite way to piece.

I have quilted this quilt with a 1 inch grid of lines, using a quilting guide attached to my walking foot rather than marking lines on the quilt.  I like to secure the quilting guide firmly in place with a little masking tape so that it cannot wriggle about, and my quilting lines stay straight.  

Chickens - Yellow Chickens - Locally Grown by Creative Thursday

Let me know if you need the details of any of the other fabrics and I will add them to the list.  

I have listed this quilt my Etsy Store.  
The listing for this quilt is here:  Modern Patchwork Quilt.

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you have, or have had, a wonderful Wednesday.

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  1. Hey Rita!! I love this simple, straightforward pattern! I've been wanting to ask you - how do you make the corners match *perfectly* throughout the entire quilt top? I know a lot of it has to do with practice, but do you have any tips on how to keep everything squared perfectly?

    I still use your tip on modern log cabin squares - cut the logs a bit wide, and then trim them as I go. It's made a world of difference in my quilt tops, and makes them look so professional!! Definitely my favorite quilt block - thanks for your tip. :)

  2. Lovely! I think sometimes simple really is the best.

    I'm curious as to how long it took you to make this. Reading your post it almost sounds as if you whipped it up in one afternoon.

  3. Adorable. Love all the pictures and wondering if you'd share any of your photo-taking photo-editing secrets with us.

  4. Another beautiful quilt. I especially love the grid quilting. Along with Marcella, I too wonder how you take such great pictures. Do you have a room set up specifically for this? A room made into a light box?

  5. Podoba mi siÄ™!

  6. So simple and yet so effective, such gorgeous fabric choices ... Sarah x

  7. I love this quilt. Simple but cozy, fresh and elegant. You have such an eye for bringing together different fabrics to make a great quilt.

  8. You have all the best fabrics! If that mountain tips over, I should like to be underneath it and then roll around in the loveliness! One of these days, I would like to make a square patchwork quilt, too!!

  9. Thanks for the masking tape tip. Anytime I've tried to use my guide, I've ended up giving up in frustration as it seemed to move all over the place. I'll have to try that!

  10. Lovely quilt as usual & the new blog header is great as well!

  11. Another beautiful quilt.

  12. your work is a constant inspiration and I thank you! like yourself, I piece and quilt and sometimes sell my work, but am unable to access the mountain of fabric that I would like to collect ... any suggestions? As a designer do you contact fabric companies?
    Thanks in advance-

    1. Hi Jody - thank you for stopping by. My "mountain of fabric" is a collection that is 10 years in the making.

      I select and purchase fabric at retail prices both online and from my local store. I have never contacted a fabric company for fabric, and although several companies (and designers) occasionally send me fabric I'd say that 99.9% of my fabric stash is funded by myself.

      A great way to enhance your fabric stash is to join a Flickr Swap Group, and there are numerous:

  13. I LOVE everything about this quilt, and I am so bummed that someone else snapped it up! Can you provide info on the house/car (line drawing) fabric, the bicycles, and the cameras? Thanks so much!

  14. Love your fabric. You should sell your scraps to me!

  15. That is beautiful.
    I second the question about matching points. I assume it is carefull cutting and piecing but if you have any tips please share. My cutting and piecing are not terribly accurate but I am working on it.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Beautiful...Love all the color

  17. Love this quilt! I need to make an I Spy quilt. Love teh Scandinavian Fish. And your backing fabric is just perfect for this kid-friendly quilt!!


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