Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Marcelle Medallion Quilt - part 2

My Scrappy Marcelle Medallion Quilt is coming along nicely.

Monday was spent cutting and piecing umpteen Flying Geese units - most from fabrics scraps - only to realize on Tuesday that I in my endeavor to be productive I had misread the cutting instructions. Drat.  My mistake.  I came close to opting to turn my work in progress into a pillow cover ...

But, I don't like to quit, and with my Flying Geese units ready to go, I pushed on regardless and haven't looked back.  The following two borders are also finished.  

The quilt top is coming together really well, and I am pleased with my scrappy color/fabric arrangement.  Most of the fabrics are from my (2) over-turned scrap bins, the contents of which are now spread far and wide across the floor.  One more border to piece before that fabric mountain can be stuffed back into the bins.

The Marcelle Medallion Quilt is from the book Liberty Love by Alexia Marcelle Abegg

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And last - the winner of the Day in the Country - Fat Quarter bundle is:

Congratulations, Laurajane!  Happy Stitching!

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  1. One day will you please do a post (or have you already?) on how you photograph your quilts. Your quilt photos are so brilliant and I'd pay good money to know how you do it. Well I say good money, of course I really mean I'm hoping you'd do it for free...!

    1. Oh I am soooooo with Lynne on this one! I would LOVE to know how you get your FAB photographs to look so FAB?!!! I have fiddled with making my photo backgrounds "transparent" but I can't quite figure it out - takes too much time away from quilting! Thank you for any advice!

  2. Ditto what Lynne says, I'd love to know how you photograph them so nicely.

  3. Lovely! I wonder what the mistake was because it looks fabulous.

  4. I agree with Shawn: if you hadn't said you made a cutting mistake, we'd never have known. Such a bright, happy quilt.

  5. See, now you're making everyone crazy, squinting at our monitors and scratching our heads, trying to figure out what kind of "cutting mistake" gives you perfect little flying geese like yours! Did you make them too big and have to add an extra border or something? Inquiring minds need to know, so please explain!

    Please add my name to the list of readers eagerly awaiting a post on how to get good photographs of your quilts. :-) Pretty please.

  6. Lovely cheerful quilt,Your flying geese look great,it's not my fave thing to do....mine always look like they have been to a party. Lol
    Yay ....I won the give away,thank you so much.xx

  7. Your medallion is fabulous! I can only imagine how wonderful your scrap mountain must be!

  8. Your medallion quilt is absolutely stunning!!!!

  9. I cannot stop staring at this one!!! B-)

  10. wonderful, love the mixture of all your scraps

  11. Congratulations to the winner...And I love your scraps. Such rich,bright & beautiful colors. My scraps look very poor and dull compared to yours. This quilt is so gorgeous. I love it.

  12. Such a beautiful quilt Rita ~ I'm so inspired.
    I've got this book and I'm going on a quilt retreat next Thursday for 4 days. Thinking of starting this quilt (right along with a bunch of others that have already been started).

  13. Oh, I am loving your version of this quilt! Fantastic scraps you've managed to put together. Keep it going!

  14. Your scraps are fantastic. I really love that purple.

  15. This is going to be so amazing! I probably need the book now : )

  16. I can't take my eyes off that purple. I have an insane fabric stash, but not much purple. It's on my wish list, for sure!

  17. The quilt is awesome!! Can I ask a question? What was the finished size of the flying geese blocks? I followed the directions and I don't think that my flying geese are looking right. Thanks!


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