Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bloomsbury Gardens :: Nine Patch Quilt

A Finished Custom Quilt
Fabrics used:
Liberty Lifestyle ~ Bloomsbury Gardens
Robert Kaufman Pure Organic Solid in White
[a perfect combination of fine fabrics]

The Design:
A simple alternating nine-patch design 
(Backing Fabric:  Valori Wells - Del Hi - Paisley in Red)

Cross-hatched (diagonal straight lines from edge to edge) 
through the center of only the solid white squares.

I found no need to mark these quilting lines as I can now - what I call - eye-ball short distances; stitching from corner to diagonally opposite corner in a straight line without tracing a marked line.  It helps to keep your eyes focused on your stitching destination point rather than at the needle.  

My favorite print from the Bloomsbury Gardens collection
Lytton in Rich Red Blue.

The finished size of the quilt:  68 inches x 83 inches.
Finished size of each individual square:  2.5 inches x 2.5 inches
99 Nine-Patch Blocks each measuring
 8 inches x 8 inches (incl. seam allowances).

This quilt is already making its way to a new owner. 

I have loved making this quilt - a wonderful opportunity for fabric play and repetitive, but never boring, patchwork piecing.  

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  1. This is beautiful! Two questions, if you don't mind:
    (1) What size needle do you use for these fabrics?
    (2) What stitch length do you use for quilting in general?

    Thank you!!

    1. Thank you!
      (1) I used a 80/12 needle for patchwork piecing and a 90/14 for quilting.

      (2) I use quite a long stitch length for quilting - a personal preference to feature the stitch. For this quite large quilt I used a 4.1 stitch length. This stitch length looks really long on a small project but with the general drag of a large quilt the stitch also becomes shorter - although evenly and consistently shorter.

    2. Thank you so much for the info!! :-)

  2. Simple nine patches can be so exciting!

  3. so beautiful! I just wonder, how many days or hours to finish a such big quilt like this,Rita ?

  4. Haha, if I look at the needle while doing long straight lines I go cross eyed! Beautiful quilt :)

  5. Fabulous quilt, such a wonderful example of classic design with fabulous classic fabric!

  6. You never cease to impress! Lovely fabrics and great quilting, Rita!

  7. Rita, this is really pretty! Lovely job as always.

  8. The new owner will be over the moon!

  9. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a lucky owner! A beautiful quilt and the fabric comes into its own with the simplicity of the layout. Love the binding too.

  11. Love the binding, it's wonderful!

  12. I love how you give us all the statistics! This is another beauty.

  13. I am in love with this quilt! What a wonderful combination of colors! Great job!~ Where would I find a pattern for this quilt?

  14. I do love this! How much fabric was used? Could it be done with a jelly roll and make the same size quilt as you?

  15. Another gorgeous quilt Rita! You are so inspiring!!

  16. It's beautiful! I admire you for sewing so accurately... :-)

  17. itS AMAZING,,, I would have gone bonkers on the 2nd sq

  18. Beautiful quilt. Great choice of backing fabric - a stronger colour might have competed with the front, but the subtle print captures the mood of the quilt.

  19. I've been collecting my scraps and cutting into 2,1/2" squares/strips to make this kind of quilt. I hope mine can come out as well as yours...I'd settle for half as good! Didyou sew the squares together singley or do the "tube" style assembly?

  20. So pretty! I hope to make a scrap like this quilt one day. :) LOVE the binding too.

  21. Beautiful quilt... I am in love with the binding fabric.

  22. Rita - First, since I am new to commenting in general, I have to say that I aspire to one day be a household name like red pepper quilts (I mean really, who doesn't? Just had to get that off my chest.) Second - I have always wondered how you are able to straight-line quilt so precisely time and time again (!) You mentioned not having marked the quilt lines for this beauty, but do you mind my asking about your method for quilts you do feel necessary to mark? (I'm intrigued and inspired!) Best, -- Sarah

  23. Beautiful, beautiful nine patch quilt!


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