Sunday, November 18, 2012

Purl Soho - NYC

When in New York ...

459 Broome Street
New York

As a quilter, knitter, and keen stash builder of both fabric and yarn I couldn't resist visiting Purl Soho.  Previous trips to this store have always been delightful and this time was no exception.

Spectacular rainbow displays of color, in the way of yarn and fabric, does make you stop and stare.  It's hard to choose:  "I think I'll take one of each, please ... "

Purl Soho also carries a large range of Liberty of London, Tana Lawn; pretty florals, both classic and seasonal prints.

As well as a great selection of books, magazines, notions (both quilting and knitting), thread, tapes, ribbons ...

... all displayed with attention to color and detail.  It does make a difference.

I spent quite some time browsing the store for goodies, and taking photos with permission.  The staff were friendly and helpful, knowledgeable, and happy to chat.  I think I showed great restraint with my purchases:
Four pieces of Liberty of London, Tana Lawn
Books and Letters from Windham Fabrics
A re-stock of Chicken Wire by Moda
and yardage of a tape measure bias tape which I like to use for packaging.

Purl Soho is readily accessible by subway and is located in one of my favorite neighborhoods of this big city, Soho.  Walking the streets of Soho and surrounding area is a great way to explore and discover the quaint cafes, studios, galleries and stores of this neighborhood.

Once Upon a Tart
Sullivan Street, Soho

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. I've been to NYC a few times but have yet to get to Purl. Once Upon A Tart though, I've been there, and have their wonderful cookbook. Looks like you are having LOTS of fun on your trip.

  2. Great pics, Rita! I am also a purl soho fan. I live near their warehouse in California, which is where there online orders ship from. They have a great selection and I enjoy stopping in to shop! So nice to see some views of their NYC store, I can't wait to visit now.

  3. Wow, I was dreaming about being in new York last night, I don't remember much of the dream though. I'm sure I was there for the craft!

  4. Check out The City Quilter on West 25th. It's amazing, and the prices are very good. Nope, I don't own it, just a very happy customer.

  5. absolutely jealous!!! I ended up getting the chicken wire awhile back, and I just love it so much I don't want to cut into it! :)

  6. It must have been a delightful trip Rita!! Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

  7. I see that Ruth already recommended The City Quilter. It's my favorite. I get to NYC once a year and never miss it. sounds like you're having a great time.

  8. Love this! I'm about an hour away. I think it's time I make a trip!

  9. I was in NY a month ago I wish I knew, lovely places - next year.

  10. Our next trip into the city will be to Soho. I've been saying it for years, and yet we always end up in Midtown or the Park! Beautiful displays of color are so inviting, aren't they!?!

  11. I love that store. I was there a couple of years ago and plan on another visit in January. They had a lot of vinyl covered cotton the last time I was there. I got some great eyeglass print that I've made a bag with.

  12. Great purchases..I think you showed remarkable restraint..unless you were just totally overwhelmed by the choices..I think I would be!

  13. Oh I would love to visit New York. Someday ! The liberty fabrics are beautiful.

  14. Ahhhh another great place for when I get down there. It has been way too long since I trecked in the city. Perhaps I need to plan a road trip.

  15. Rita, thanks so much for sharing your time and talents with us. I've never been to NY and probably never will get to go, but your adventure was a treat for the eyes.

    Love your blog. It's always a treat for the soul.

    Take care,


  16. Lucky you getting to go to that wonderful store.

  17. I must say you did exhibit admirable restraint in your purchases. I would definitely need a budget when I entered a store like that. Have fun!

  18. So envious of you Rita - I dream of shopping at Purl Soho. Love your pictures.

  19. Just like you I just love this shop. I have visited it both times I have been to New York, and enjoyed every minute there.

  20. Can hardly wait to see what you do with the Liberty Prints. I have some and want to use to them for something special!

  21. Purl Soho is on my list of 'must visits', if I ever visit NYC. My credit card would certainly get a good workout! Jacinta

  22. I would say that is totally restrained! I just adore all that yarn in the shelves all packed in. That is totally the store where you have to sent your hubby off in the other direction and tell him to come back in a few hours! heaven



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