Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Stash #160 - The Simple Life by Tasha Noel

The Simple Life by Tasha Noel (Horsley) for Riley Blake Designs
The Simple Life is Tasha Noel's first fabric collection.  It is a cheerful collection in a timeless red, pink, and aqua color palette featuring dainty drawings of times gone by - the simple life. 

Tasha's collection is inspired by classic 19th century red work embroidery, but with a modern twist; mixing it up by adding color and charming illustrations depicting daily chores of another era.

The Simple Life is a collection complete with several fabric stash basic prints - dots and checks - in each of the color palettes.  My affinity for a basics stash continues and I particularly like the two-tone spots on a white background. 

The Simple Life by Tash Noel is available from:
GJ's Discount Fabrics
The Fat Quarter Shop
Fort Worth Fabric Studio
Fabric Worm
Coming Soon to:
Pink Castle Fabrics  - early next week.

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. Very Sweet is what I wanted to say too. I will look forward to seeing them pop up in your quilts.

  2. mines coming next week too! can't wait! :)

  3. Yes, it's a sweet line of fabric. I Love children and grandchildren. But I have to sell fabric or make some quilts before I can buy any more fabric. Hubby's orders.

  4. Lovely fabrics especially the Red bunting print.

  5. Such an adorable collection. I could completely rationalise the purchase of the collection purely on the basis of the stash fillers of the gingham and double tone dots....then make something out of the whole collection and use the left overs as fillers. Eeeeeasily rationalised.

  6. Great fabrics! Is your Sunday Stash fabrics you have recently purchased? Or did you pull them out of your stash? Or are they fabrics sponsors have sent you?

    1. Thank you for stopping by Nancy and your question!

      The Simple Life is a new addition to my fabric stash. I purchase all of my own fabrics at retail prices and don't take fabric from my sponsors. I very occasionally receive fabric from fabric manufacturers and always make mention of this fact if that is the case.

      Happy Stashing!

  7. I just came across this collection the other day! I think it's adorable!


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