Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Stash #151 - Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt

A brand new collection by Denyse Schmidt:

Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt

26 quilting cottons in two distinct color palettes - Relish and Push Pop - in vibrant colors and prints that are evocative of 1970's Americana.
I was rather excited to get my hands on these!  Reminiscent of the earlier (2009) Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley fabric collection but with an extra zing in color as well several light background prints that are definitely in the running as "favorites":
  •  Voltage Dot in Black, Lime and Red
  • Paisley in Lime and Red
  • Circle Cross in Green and Red

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. wow, I REALLY like these. Hope Valley took awhile to grow on me, but I adore this line!

  2. I feel a particular attraction to this line - I'm a child of the 70's, and my father actually wanted to name me Chicopee!!! Thankfully my mother got her way :)

  3. I also am a child of the (early) 70's and these remind me of such a wonderful time in my life. Loving the prints and know that some of them - if not all - will make their way to my stash.

  4. great tones in there. and really love the voltage dot.

  5. Really like this new line ~ especially the lighter fabrics. So pretty.

  6. These are beautiful, I like everything Denyse does. Waiting to see what you do with them...

  7. oh credit card is running for cover...

  8. What a gorgeous set of prints! If only I had the money =(

  9. i love the look of this line and in particular the Orla-esque leaf

  10. I actually, physically, NEED these. Sigh.


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