Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Stash #149 ~ DS Quilts: Quilter's Quarters

Quilter's Quarters - A DS Quilts Collection by Denyse Schmidt

Four different 1 yard panels each with four different coordinating prints.  
 Sixteen fat quarters in total.

I have a clear favorite ~ love the blues and greys:
DS Quilts collections are available from Joann Stores in the USA and Spotlight in Australia (although I haven't yet been able to confirm an arrival date of Quilter's Quarters at Spotlight).  I purchased my stash @ Etsy.

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. aren't these awesome. i picked one up last time i was at joann's here in the states. the colors are so fun. the gray and blue is lovely

  2. Oh how very cool, I'd better be more observant ay Joann's!

  3. I need to get over there. I've been cleaning house much too much. Thank you Rita!

  4. I have seen bolts of this material at our Spotlight in Brisbane, QLD, But not these packs as yet.... but my eyes are now open fully!!

  5. Joann's on line has them and on sale this week and free shipping on 35$ or more

  6. I saw these at my JoAnn a week or so ago and had to really resist the impulse to buy buy buy (lest hubby shoot me for coming home with MORE fabric). :)

  7. Your link doesn't go to a proper page?
    Great set of fabrics there! =D

  8. interesting way of doing fat quarters ... by the yard and you get 4.. that is cool!

  9. Why can't I find them at my local JoAnn's, south of Dallas???? Are they with the other pre-cut fabrics?

  10. OK, I'm late. Just saw these TODAY and bought two. Wanted more. SO cute/


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