Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Oakshott Bear Paw Pillow Pattern

A small detour today.   Another version of a previously made design  :
After multiple emails from readers requesting a pattern  for the Oakshott Bear Paw Pillow Cover - and in conjuction with Oakshott Fabrics - I have decided to get my act together and spend some time re-making and writing the instructions for this pillow/cushion cover.

I really do enjoy working with these shot cottons. There is something magical about the way these hand loomed fabrics sparkle from the use of different shades and hues in warp and weft. It is an absolute pleasure playing with the colors and layout for this design!

The Oakshott Bear Paw Cushion/Pillow Cover Pattern & Fabrics are available from Oakshott Fabrics : see all pre-packed fabric bundles.  Be sure to inquire with Michael if you have any questions or require a custom bundle of colors.
The Oakshott Bear Paw Pillow/Cushion Cover Pattern 
 is also available from my Etsy Store.
Please be sure to read the listing for Skill Level required.

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  1. absolutely love it! colours are fantastic!

  2. This is soooo beautiful!!!

  3. this is a gorgeous pillow! fantastic...

  4. Lovely as usual. Just wanted to check with you on etsy vs bigcartel, now that you have a bigcartel store. Is bigcartel better?

  5. Lovely! The Oakshott colours are so fabulous in real life, I could spend hours choosing the perfect ones to sew up this pattern.

  6. Great pillow, those Oakshott fabrics have some real punch to them =D

  7. So beautiful--the pattern and the fabric. Oakshott cottons are wonderful!!

  8. Yay! Well done :-) I love the pillow!

  9. very eye-catching design. Cute one!!

  10. Beauitful cushion I love the colours from Oakshott fabrics and the patter as well


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