Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Stash #130

It's no secret that I enjoy recycling vintage fabrics including vintage sheet fabrics.   If at all possible I like to squeeze a little piece of recycled goodness into most of my quilting projects.

This bundle of recycled vintage sheet fabric arrived earlier this week.  As you can see I am again collecting striped fabrics in every color of the rainbow with a view to eventually create another version (or variation) of the In a Spin Quilt.  The dainty floral fabrics could not be resisted!

These fabrics were sourced and sold by Jeni through her Etsy Store ~ (In Color Order).  Jeni's store is regularly updated with new goodies and I have had the chance to enjoy Jeni's excellent customer service on numerous occasions already!

I also enjoy scouring the net for artisans who are hand printing their own unique designs on fabric. 

Leslie Keating is the driving force behind the Melbourne based Maze & Vale.  Leslie uses natural fibers upon which to screen print her own designs using environmentally friendly inks and fine cottons (as well as linen blends).

Maze & Vale screen printed fabrics and handmade items are sold through Leslie's Etsy Store ~ Maze & Vale.

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. Thank you for that interesting post, I feel quite challenged now on my fabric choices!

  2. those broad stripes coupled with the florals are just too dreamy.
    i love Leslie's designs too...she sure is a talent

  3. Maze & Vale is a new favorite. Love those fabrics.

  4. I had those yellow flower sheets when I was a girl. I guess I'm vintage!

  5. I have the set of sheets and pillowcases of the yellow floral background in your first picture. They were a wedding present in 1976, but use them at our summer cottage. So surprsied to see the sheet!


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