Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Stash #129

Well, I did warn you ....
More gingham!

Small and large scale gingham in:

Grey (love!)

100% cotton and fine quality gingham by Kokka.  This really is a lovely quality woven fabric; light weight and surprisingly soft to touch.

A versatile stash addition suitable for so much more than just patchwork and quilting, although that is of course the purpose of my stashing.

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. I love gingham! It would be great to see a patchwork quilt combining the small with the large print! LOVE that gray the most, too!! :)

  2. That grey is gorgeous - thanks for letting us know it is a Kokka gingham. I want (must have) some of the grey and now I won't be disappointed by getting the wrong shade. Can't wait to see what quilts these pop up in.

  3. Estou completamente incentivada a comprar desses tecidos,amar eu já.

  4. So pretty...I think you've started a trend!

  5. I love when I can add gingham to my quilts. Nice stash you have there.

  6. I love using gingham as bag lining for all sorts of bags. It goes so well with linens. I've been thinking maybe a simple squares quilt made of ginghams and linens would be really cute. I didn't realise Kokka did ginghams. I'll have to search for it!

  7. Hmmm....reminds me of Picnics and Happy times...
    Lovely can you bear to cut it up!

  8. Yeah for gingham! I love to have gingham fabrics as basics in my stash. There are no quilt shops nearby and the local fabric shops sell more traditional fabrics so I always use gingham and polka dots as my basics that I like to combine with the small amounts of quiltfabric I order.

  9. Love Gingham - I got some beautiful gingham ribbon yesterday, some is exactly the same yellow as your fabric!

  10. Such a pretty bundle, you must have such an amazing fabric stash. Looking forward to seeing what these pop up in

  11. Pretty!!! Gingham is such cheerful fabric, but now I have a strange desire to either go on a picnic, bake something from scratch, or pop in the "Oklahoma" dvd. Tee hee!

  12. Thanks so much for this great post. Love, Love, Love ginghams, in clothes, in bags, in quilts. But I have been looking for gingham for another purpose... a home made board for blocking handknits. I have seen some around, but it seems the print is not always really square, and of coure, for blocking it is good to have a good line. Thanks again. I am a regular reader of your blog and love it.... apart from constantly being humbled by not coming near your high production standard, I am constantly inspired. Thanks! b

  13. I love gingham. It is so good to see it coming back!!


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