Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Stash #127 ~ Heather Bailey :: Bijoux

... on Monday?  It's Monday morning on my side of the world, but definitely still Sunday over on the other side, so it still counts right?
It's a re-stash this week!  This bundle of fabric is the popular Bijoux by Heather Bailey, a collection which was first released several years ago, and became more difficult to source find for a while, until it was released again more recently.

I especially love every single colorway of Mod Beads (pictured above) and have previously used these prints throughout many of my projects.  Small scale designs complement larger scale, busy prints and can therefore balance and tone down an otherwise busy project.

Heather Bailey ~ Bijoux ~ Swirly Buds

These colors and prints suit my fabric stash perfectly.  I have split up the bundle and added these fabrics to my arranged by color fabric stash.  They've settled in well.

Enjoy Sunday and Monday!


  1. I love the Mod Beads fabrics. I need something to tone down my fabrics. That is a useful bit of info. thanks!

  2. Beautiful fabrics. Your post made me smile. My daughter is in Australia this month, so I am always looking at my iPod seeing what time and what day it is on your side of the world :-)

  3. I (and I'm sure others) would love to see a picture of your "arranged by color" storage system, if you ever feel like sharing a picture! You certainly have an eye for color!

  4. It is Sunday here!!
    Love those beautiful swirls. When Mother Nature turns her colors on in the morning - these lovely shades come clear to see.

  5. Hi Rita
    I was happy to add a few of the Mod Beads into my stash a few weeks ago when I travelled north. :) ..and aren't the days flying by!? Gorgeous sunny day here.

  6. Nice fabrics. Still Sunday here.

  7. I, too, would love to hear and see more of your color-ordered stash. I learn so much from reading your blog. And your pictures make me happy. So it wouldn't matter if your post went up late. But, hey!, it still is Sunday here in Sunny SoCal.

  8. Thank you for sharing, you help me so much learn about fabric, colors, designers. I'm really drawn to your design style! I too would love to see you color-ordered stash if you would love to share sometime.

  9. Love the mod beads too, my favorite is the pink with green beads. Hope your enjoying summer.

  10. yum! I am thinking about starting Sunday stash again to. It's pretty awesome to see all the pieces you put together :)

  11. Love, love, love these fabrics - pattern and color. Glad they have been reissued!


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