Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Stash #104

Presenting today some shot cotton fabrics by Reece Scannell. 
Reece Scannell are a Sydney based company selling high quality cotton fabrics that have a silk-like reflective sheen. These fabrics are soft, beautifully textured by small "imperfections" or variations in weave and color. They are a light-weight  fabric just perfect for patchwork and clothing. 

I have previously worked with these fabrics here (Lunar Dust and Frog Pond Baby Quilt) and here (Lady of the Lake Quilt) and as Reece Scannell fabrics are usually to be found at Craft and Quilt Fairs I was pleased to add several new colors to my stash this week.

Reece Scannell fabrics are sold by the piece rather than yardage from a bolt and  is available in over 100 hues.  Each single length piece measures 19 inches x 36 inches.

From left to right:  Medium Green, Medium Blue, Light Blue, Light Orange, Light Pink, Light Neutral, Light Red and Medium Pink.

I also picked up several Fat Quarters of these Japanese prints at the Craft and Quilt Fair this week:

Made in Japan by Olympus 
and previously featured in Sunday Stash #93 in different colorways.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy Sunday!


  1. oh yummy yummy. i wish i had access to them. that med. blue is scrummy. nice score

  2. Lovely additions to your stash.

    Thanks for the heads up on the fabrics - I will look out for them at the Canberra Show in two weeks.

  3. Oh these are beautiful! What gorgeous colors! I sure hope that they have a booth at the Houston Quilt Festival in November. I would love to see them in person.

  4. Love the colours! I will look out for them in my travels.

  5. Oh boy I forgot about the Quilt show on this weekend. So love all those lush fabrics.

  6. Ooh - loving the spots with love in.

  7. (this is from a very impatient person, so maybe you'd better move on)
    Lovely fabrics, yes I agree, but I've been on tenterhooks all week as to see what you've done wiht that wonderful stash of red fabrics:
    last Sunday's stash.
    Ok, I'll wait (under protest, but what can I do ... but wait)
    I know, you might do the same as me: keep it in sight all the time, because it's sooooo beautiful!

    No seriously, I love all you make!!
    And I don't want to push you or anything ... I know I'm being IMPATIENT.

  8. Love these!! Can't wait to see what you do with them!!

  9. I SEW wish I could have one of each for my stash.

  10. God I love Reese Scannell shot cottons! I bought about $200 worth at the quilt show in Sydney last year.

  11. Oh, what glowing new fabrics. I would have been so tempted to take them home!

  12. Love your bright colors...and your new header :)

  13. Love the colors and the texture- fabulous!


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