Monday, June 13, 2011

Loulouthi - Beach Huts ~ A Finished Quilt

I am starting this week with a finished quilt, and a colorful one at that!

I've really enjoyed the color play and arranging and then again re-arranging the prints in this quilt.  Working with these fabrics hasn't been easy and there has been much self-doubt and some self deprecation.

It wasn't until the binding was sewn onto the quilt that I started to really love this quilt.  Choosing binding was the easy part this time; nothing except for a plain black/white pin stripe fabric seemed to frame and complete this quilt in its entirety. 

The binding ~ as well as the black polka dot on white background ~ has giving the eye a place of focus and rest.  It is a great finishing touch to an otherwise busy and colorful quilt.

For the back of the quilt I have pieced together some of the left-over fabrics that were also used for the front of the quilt, and combined them with a pre-dominantly Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton (Ash) background.

I have quilted this quilt with vertical straight lines approximately 1 inch apart using both the seam lines as well as a quilting guide attached to the walking foot as a guide.  Bernina has recently released a new walking foot (not just for the Bernina 820) which now allows for the quilting guide to be used with my sewing machine; I've really missed not having the use of a quilting guide!

Fabrics Used:
  • Loulouthi by Anna Maria Horner ~ selection of Fat Quarters
  • White Polka Dot on Red background TA DOT by Michael Miller
  • Black Polka Dot on White background ~ Japanese import
  • Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton (Ash) for backing fabric
  • Black and White Pin Stripe for binding - Color Basics by Lecien

 Quilt Design:
I have listed this quilt in my Etsy Store:

    You can find the Etsy Listing here.   SOLD

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    1. It's all your quilts are. I am in awe everytime I look at and admire your precise quilting.

    2. Oh yum! Love the fabrics and colours in this one!

    3. My goodness, what a way to start off the week!

      The quilt looks great and I will totally agree with the black/white polka dot fabric really grounding the quilt, it was a perfect choice.

      Love your quilts as usual, your use of color is always inspiring!

    4. I can see why it was difficult to arrange this with no solids but it is totally my kind if quilt. Love it. What a great way to start off the week.

    5. you are so prolific with your quilt making! I'm amazed at how many you've made since I started following your blog!
      Love this quilt and see that it already is sold.

    6. wow - it is really beautiful. I'm not surprised it already sold...

    7. Great results! The larger prints certainly make this quilt a stunner! I do love the binding - find that I almost cannot make a quilt without the presence of one or two black and white prints!

    8. Very pretty and the binding is perfect!

    9. Beautiful Rita! It reminds me a lot of a Red Letter Day quilt I made a while back:

    10. Lovely. B&W striped binding is perfect for a mix of bright colors. I always use it on quilts like this. I just finished a baby quilt that I quilted like this, with my walking foot guide. It's so effective. Nice job on this one Rita, as usual.

    11. Perfect quilt, everything went together perfectly. Really bright and cheery and so much fun. Well done!

      Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

    12. How fun! Love the layout:)

    13. Stunning! Love how the polka dots pop. I especially like the binding.

    14. I just had to say that this quilt is way too cute! I love it. And, it's no wonder why it sold so quickly. :-)

    15. Self deprecation. Seriously?? Fabulous!

    16. Someone clearly loved it, snapped up so quickly! Great quilt, and I'm still in awe of how quickly you make these up.

    17. this is one of my favorites! Love the fabric assortment.

    18. Wait--did I read that right? Did you really finish this quilt (as in, cut the fabric all the way to bind the quilt) in just a few days? WOW.


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