Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Stash #91

My postie has a brand spanking new delivery van.  It's bigger and carries lots of parcels - obviously - the only drawback is that it doesn't rattle like the old one to herald it's arrival.  Instead I trot back and forth to the front door, checking impatiently for new arrivals:

This week's delivery is from Hawthorne Threads.

Sugar and Spice by The Quilted Fish

The bright colors, paisley and large scale dots from the Sugar and Spice fabric collection by The Quilted Fish grabbed my attention immediately.  The dots measure 1 inch in diameter and come in three different colorways: red/white, white/pink, and blue red. 

Also arrived:  Quilter's Linen by Free Spirit in Butter, Turquoise and Blush.  Quilter's Linen are linen/cotton blends (45% cotton 55% linen) and have a subtle texture and soft feel about them.  They are still a light weight fabric with similar drape as cotton fabric, although it is a more open/looser weave.  

Sugar and Spice and Quilter's Linen  available here:

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. Oh Im loving that Quilters linen... just beautiful!! xx

  2. Do you have a specific project in mind when you shop for fabric? How do you decide how much to buy? I'm all about "I'll just get a FQ of this and 1/2 a metre of that" lol

  3. I couldn't resist some of that Sugar and Spice either!

  4. Those large scale dots look like lots of fun to work with! Wish I had some... ;)

  5. I am looking forward to see what you will make with this fabric.

  6. I just ordered sugar and spice too, it's so pretty!

  7. Does your postie have a French accent thing going? Mine does. Oui, oui, he does. And I can hear his motorbike whatsit seven streets away (which also equates to some amount of to-ing and fro-ing and checking business).

  8. Love your fresh, new fabrics! I enjoy having that van call at my place too!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  9. Rita, Rita, Rita. I am going to have to STOP clicking open your Sunday Stash. Or else you are going to have to STOP posting pictures of such fabulous fabric. So, friend, which is it gonna be?

    Yeah, that's what I thought.

  10. Oh how I would love to be you right now. Those fabrics are so happy!!

  11. These new fabrics are so beautyful! I love them all :-)

    I've found you recently, because i'm new at quilting and looking for inspiration!

    Your blog is Inspiration in total for me. Your Quilts are fresh, modern, young. Awesome!!!!!

    I'm sure i will visit you a lot :-)

    Willow (from Germany, so please excuse mistakes in my writing)

  12. Love the Sugar and Spice!

  13. Those are perfect!!!!! I am supposed to be on a fabric budget but I may need some of those *giggle*

  14. I oredered Sugar and Spice in blue and green.... You are the real source of inspiration and I am impatient to see what you will make with it.
    (sorry for my English...)

  15. What a wonderful, bright, colourful blog - and boy am I jealous of all those beautiful new fabrics - looking forward to seeing what you make with them...enjoy

  16. My local shop was having a fantastic sale on Friday and Saturday but I couldn't make it during business hours due to prior obligations. Imagine the quilting ladies' surprise when my husband (in his motorcycle gear) walks into the shop asking for a Sugar and Spice fat quarter bundle. ;)

    Love the fabric! Not sure what to do with it yet, though.

  17. Same questions, as above. I, too, want to know what confection you plan to whip up with your Sugar and Spice. And I would love to hear how you decide what and how much yardage to stash. Do you always have a project in mind? Do certain fabrics qualify as essential staples in your cupboard? If so, how much do you set aside and why? And, then, do you have a system for organizing your stash so you find 'just the thing' when you are creating a new quilt?
    And, yes, you are my No. 1 inspiration, too. Your blog brightens my day. Thank you so much for sharing with such care and attention to detail.


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