Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little Folks ~ Revisited

I've got an inordinate stash of the Little Folks fabric collection by Anna Maria Horner!  Even though I have previously made several quilts from these super soft voile fabrics (see here and here and here) the stash remains.  So it was time to revisit Little Folks ~ and not just for stash reductions reasons; these fabrics are a joy  to work with:

This really is a very simple design using the fabric's colors and prints to provide visual effect and interest.

Can you also see from the pictures that I have added an extra set of quilting lines ~ stitching two lines on either side of all seam lines?  Twice the amount of quilting to create a more detailed grid of intersecting lines. Well worth the extra effort.

There's nothing quite like 100% cotton goodness, especially when fabrics are oh so soft, I do wish you could feel this quilt ...   I have bound the quilt in my favorite Little Folks print:  Little Honey in Ink

As usual, my Etsy Store has been updated ~ you can find the listing for this Little Folks Quilt here.

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  1. Such a beautiful and happy quilt! I love the additional quilting too. It finishes it off very nicely.

  2. Lovely!

    I was thinking of a double quilt line on my star/hex quilt.

    I would love to know how your mother in laws quilt is going and if her group quilt has been quilted yet?

  3. I'm learning so much about quilting options by studying your quilts... and I've been trying out the double/triple row pattern on several mug rugs... practicing, don't you know! I like the effect... and the grid pattern you chose for this quilt is just perfect! The quilt turned out beautifully...

  4. The very first thing that I noticed was the grid like quilting pattern. It really adds that little bit of something extra. Lovely quilt!

  5. This is pretty, I really like the double quilting lines as well!

  6. Gorgeous! I love these fabrics! I have 3 little scraps that I've been hording, lol! I need to get me some more of Anna's voiles :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    hugs, margie

  7. I love the really makes it pop!

  8. That really was a great fabric collection. I'm always a fan of straight line quilting...adding more lines is even better! :)

  9. OK, I think you should spill the beans. Just how fast CAN you make a quilt? Love the quilting here.

  10. This is terrific! I like the diagonal piecing and the quilting. I never thought of that. I made a triangle quilt and I'm sewing "in the ditch" which is hard because you turn the quilt all around in circles. What an inspiration you are to me. Thank you.

  11. Lovely.
    I've started collecting voiles, but I'm waiting to see if more come out this spring before I dive in. Hoping to mix up a lot of lines when I make my quilt.

  12. very pretty - perfect for a bedroom :)


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